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10 Million Downloads!

Filed under: Software Updates — by at 5:03 pm on Saturday, February 16, 2008

The 10 Millionth file has been downloaded from our site! To accurately determine the winner of our contest, we noted that the download occurred at at exactly 4:41pm EST today, February 16th. Our winners:

  • 1st – tpstigers, with a guess of 4:30pm, February 17 (off by 23 hours, 49 minutes)
  • 2nd – barakuda, with a guess of 5:17pm, February 17 (off by 24 hours, 36 minutes)
  • 3rd – gekow, with a guess of 4:27pm, February 18 (off by 47 hours, 14 minutes)
  • 4th – moko, with a guess of 5:1pm, February 18 (off by 48 hours, 34 minutes)
  • 5th – egypt4, with aguess of 3:00pm, February 14 (off by 49 hours, 41 minutes)

tpstigers and barakuda will both be receiving brand new SpaceNavigators from our friends at 3DConnexion, along with some fun prizes supplied by Google. gekow, moko and egypt4 will all be receiving some of the Google goodies.

Thanks to all that entered, and thanks to all of you for your support of the site over the last 2-1/2 years!


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Google Earth MMO coming soon – want to beta test it?

Filed under: Software Updates — by at 9:51 pm on Friday, February 15, 2008

We’re putting the finishing touches on our in-Earth MMO and could use some testers. The game is essentially a much-simplified version of World of Warcraft. You pick a race (Warrior, Elf or Mage), then go around the world fighting enemies, earning experience points, increasing your level, buying weapons/spells/potions, etc.

Some other features:

  • Each major city is guarded by a different boss who must be defeated. Each city you defeat earns a crystal.
  • You can team up with other players to take out difficult enemies.
  • All gameplay (including battles, shops, messaging, etc) is done completely in Google Earth with no add-on software or web browser calls required.
  • The battles are turn-based, similar to the Final Fantasy games, using our GEfootball engine.
  • The shopping and messaging use Flash-based forms to handle the data, using code from our GEboards application.
  • There are currently 9 cities, 14 different enemies (over 7,000 of them roaming the earth), 12 items, 8 spells and 6 weapons. All of those will likely be increased as we finish testing.

If you’re interested in helping us test it, simply let us know in this thread and we’ll get you set-up. We’re only looking for about 10 more testers, so it’s first come, first served.

Here are a few screenshots:

Atlanta Atlanta

Attack a Tiger Attack this Tiger?

Attacking the Tiger Fighting the Tiger

In-game messaging In-game Messaging

Shopping Shopping

More prizes for the “10 million” contest

Filed under: Software Updates — by at 3:35 pm on Monday, February 11, 2008

Google SwagThere is a just a little more time to enter our “10 millionth download” contest – probably less than 24 hours.  Google has just sent me a package with a variety of fun prizes – a few t-shirts, yo-yos, paper notebooks and light-up pins.  We’re going to expand the prizes to five winners, with the following:

  • 1st prize –  A 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator and your choice of a piece of Google swag.
  • 2nd prize – Same as first
  • 3rd-5th prize – Your choice of a piece of Google swag, based on what’s left after the previous winners have made their picks.

This contest is open until we reach 9,950,000 downloads.  We’re at 9,942,247 right now, and we get about 10,000/day.  At that pace, we’ll be past 9,950,000 before this time tomorrow.

You can enter in this thread or get more details here. Good luck!

Our new YouTube channel

Filed under: Software Updates — by at 2:42 pm on Sunday, February 3, 2008

We’ve just launched our new YouTube channel and we encourage you to go check it out:

There are three videos up so far:

We’re open to your suggestions for future videos.  If you have any ideas, just post a thread in our Site Issues and Questions forum and we’ll talk about it with you.  Thanks!

Guess the time of our 10 millionth download, win a SpaceNavigator!

Filed under: Software Updates — by at 8:31 am on Friday, February 1, 2008

3DConnexion SpaceNavigatorOur 10 millionth file download will happen in the next few weeks, and 3DConnexion has given us a few more SpaceNavigators to help celebrate!

The two people with the closest guesses to the exact date/time of the 10 millionth download win.  It’s that easy!

More details can be found here, and you can enter here.  Good luck!