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Cali grids

This collection was built by Enzosmatrix

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 another BNSF train photo another BNSF train photoDecember 3rd, 2005386No
-Capital of Murders- Compton, USA-Capital of Murders- Compton, USANovember 3rd, 20057,234Yes
2 particle accelerators2 particle acceleratorsSeptember 16th, 2006870Yes
24 - Season 2 - Finale Teil 124 - Season 2 - Finale Teil 1July 23rd, 20052,168Yes
A field of aeoliansA field of aeoliansDecember 30th, 2005306No
A-10s at Beale AFBA-10s at Beale AFBJuly 17th, 2005833No
aavp7 a1aavp7 a1December 3rd, 2005608No
Aeolians in CaliforniaAeolians in CaliforniaDecember 30th, 2005736Yes
Airline in flight over Castaic DamAirline in flight over Castaic DamJuly 25th, 2005558No
Airport MojaveAirport MojaveAugust 25th, 2005849No
Alameda Naval Weapons StationAlameda Naval Weapons StationFebruary 14th, 2007581No
Altamont Pass Wind FarmAltamont Pass Wind FarmAugust 15th, 2005716Yes
Amboy Crater, Mojave Desert, CAAmboy Crater, Mojave Desert, CAAugust 31st, 20051,980Yes
amphibious vehicle test branchamphibious vehicle test branchDecember 3rd, 2005550No
arrowheadarrowheadJuly 7th, 2008587No
Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim CA, USAArrowhead Pond of Anaheim CA, USASeptember 24th, 2005366No
B-58 wreckB-58 wreckJuly 29th, 20051,161Yes
BCHCBCHCApril 3rd, 2006434Yes
Big compassBig compassJuly 18th, 20051,200Yes
Big EBig EMarch 18th, 2006487No
Big Little RiverBig Little RiverMarch 18th, 2006344No
Blackbird Air ParkBlackbird Air ParkAugust 3rd, 20051,123No
BlimpBlimpMay 3rd, 2009331No
Blue Whale SkeletonBlue Whale SkeletonJanuary 16th, 20071,244Yes
BNSF train photoBNSF train photoDecember 3rd, 2005303No
BoeingX32-JSF conceptBoeingX32-JSF conceptJuly 30th, 2005873No
Buildings in form of bomber planesBuildings in form of bomber planesJuly 29th, 2005991Yes
bullseye near Bealebullseye near BealeMarch 1st, 2006754No
CalexicoCalexicoAugust 12th, 2006450No
Calico Ghost Town, CA, USACalico Ghost Town, CA, USANovember 7th, 2005594Yes
California ObservatoriesCalifornia ObservatoriesNovember 21st, 20081,170No
Camp wilsonCamp wilsonDecember 3rd, 2005803No
Capital Round QTVRCapital Round QTVRJanuary 3rd, 2006395Yes
Cargill Salt PondsCargill Salt PondsNovember 30th, 2005348No
Cattle Ranch, near Modesto, CACattle Ranch, near Modesto, CASeptember 6th, 2005358No
Channel 40 towerChannel 40 towerAugust 24th, 2005483Yes
Chemical plants, Richmond, CAChemical plants, Richmond, CAAugust 6th, 2005515No
Chemical storage tanks, Rodeo, CAChemical storage tanks, Rodeo, CAAugust 6th, 2005416No
Chemosphere house, los angelesChemosphere house, los angelesApril 5th, 2006757No
China Lake NWCChina Lake NWCFebruary 5th, 20091,367Yes
Close to EDW BaseClose to EDW BaseAugust 24th, 2005836Yes
CopSignalsCopSignalsAugust 1st, 20081,360No
CoyoteCoyoteDecember 3rd, 2005818No
Crashed AircraftCrashed AircraftDecember 28th, 2007739No
Crazy LandscapesCrazy LandscapesJuly 25th, 2008765No
Crystal Cathedral - Garden Grove - CACrystal Cathedral - Garden Grove - CAAugust 14th, 2005515Yes
De Anza Springs(Nudist Camp)De Anza Springs(Nudist Camp)January 20th, 2009866No
Desert ResortDesert ResortAugust 30th, 2008932No
Desert ResortDesert ResortAugust 30th, 2008932No
Distributon of Slip along San Andreas Fault  - 1906Distributon of Slip along San Andreas Fault - 1906April 29th, 2006623No
DSS14 Deep Space AntennaDSS14 Deep Space AntennaAugust 24th, 20051,188No
Edwards AFBEdwards AFBJuly 22nd, 20051,478Yes
Edwards Air Force Base, CaliforniaEdwards Air Force Base, CaliforniaJanuary 8th, 20061,287No
entrance to lockheed martin facilityentrance to lockheed martin facilitySeptember 27th, 2007845Yes
Eureka AirfieldEureka AirfieldNovember 7th, 2005281No
F-117F-117July 21st, 20052,738Yes
Fire Fighting AircraftFire Fighting AircraftJune 4th, 2006444No
Fort MacArthurFort MacArthurApril 17th, 2006329Yes
Ghost PlaneGhost PlaneJune 1st, 20061,233Yes
Giant RockGiant RockMay 6th, 20061,083No
Gigantic windparksGigantic windparksMarch 30th, 2006392No
Goat Canyon TrestleGoat Canyon TrestleJune 14th, 2006884No
Goleta Slough near Santa Barbara in the change of timeGoleta Slough near Santa Barbara in the change of timeJanuary 14th, 2009651No
Griffith Observatory, LAGriffith Observatory, LAAugust 30th, 2005434Yes
HabboHotel U.S. HeadquartersHabboHotel U.S. HeadquartersNovember 24th, 2005430Yes
Hackenkreuz (swastika) buildingHackenkreuz (swastika) buildingJuly 18th, 200514,105Yes
Haight-Ashbury (intersection and district - SF)Haight-Ashbury (intersection and district - SF)August 7th, 2005358No
HAZHAZJanuary 21st, 2008409Yes
Hearst-Argyle TowerHearst-Argyle TowerAugust 24th, 2005588Yes
Heart PoolHeart PoolNovember 15th, 2005727No
High Bridge - CaliforniaHigh Bridge - CaliforniaAugust 8th, 2005998No
Historic Coastal Defenses, San Francisco, CAHistoric Coastal Defenses, San Francisco, CAJuly 30th, 2005510No
Hottest, Driest, Lowest Airport, CA, USAHottest, Driest, Lowest Airport, CA, USAJanuary 26th, 2006386No
KXTV KOVR TowerKXTV KOVR TowerSeptember 26th, 2005287Yes
La Brea Tar PitsLa Brea Tar PitsSeptember 6th, 2005755No
LA PD DivisionsLA PD DivisionsDecember 29th, 2005509No
Landslide SituationLandslide SituationJune 30th, 20081,406Yes
Large Army ManoeuvresLarge Army ManoeuvresJuly 25th, 20051,222No
Lawrence Livermore National LabratoryLawrence Livermore National LabratoryAugust 15th, 2005342No
LDS Fresno TempleLDS Fresno TempleJuly 19th, 2005623Yes
Lompoc PrisonLompoc PrisonJuly 3rd, 2008933No
Long Beach Port-California,USALong Beach Port-California,USANovember 8th, 2005363No
Los Alamitos AAFLos Alamitos AAFAugust 2nd, 2008450No
Los Angeles SubwayLos Angeles SubwayJanuary 30th, 2006542No
M1A 1 ambramsM1A 1 ambramsDecember 3rd, 20051,088No
Manzanar Camp LayoutManzanar Camp LayoutJune 29th, 2006607No
March Air FieldMarch Air FieldDecember 1st, 2005296No
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, Santa Ana, CAMarine Corps Air Station Tustin, Santa Ana, CAMay 2nd, 2007776No
mcm platoonmcm platoonDecember 3rd, 2005447No
Mexican BorderMexican BorderJune 13th, 2008903Yes
Midtown Sacramento QTVRMidtown Sacramento QTVRDecember 21st, 2005332No
Military Jets refueling over the Californian DesertMilitary Jets refueling over the Californian DesertNovember 28th, 20074,867Yes
Military Junkyard, Halsey FieldMilitary Junkyard, Halsey FieldJanuary 31st, 2007957Yes
Mojave Desert Phone BoothMojave Desert Phone BoothOctober 1st, 2005594No
Mono Lake, CAMono Lake, CAAugust 18th, 2005840No
Motorcycle pictureMotorcycle pictureSeptember 18th, 2005462No
National Redwood ForestNational Redwood ForestJuly 21st, 2005735Yes
Navy E3A AWACSNavy E3A AWACSJune 22nd, 2006609Yes
NAWS - China LakeNAWS - China LakeJune 14th, 2007818No
Nike Missle Control CenterNike Missle Control CenterNovember 5th, 2008462No
Oil Platform 2Oil Platform 2July 30th, 2005721No
Old Giant Artwork 1Old Giant Artwork 1January 14th, 2006655Yes
Old Giant Artwork 2Old Giant Artwork 2January 14th, 2006839Yes
olympic rings Los Angelesolympic rings Los AngelesFebruary 9th, 2006505Yes
Palace of the Legion of Honor (SF)Palace of the Legion of Honor (SF)August 7th, 2005390No
Palm Springs Aerial TramwayPalm Springs Aerial TramwayAugust 31st, 2005503No
Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue OxPaul Bunyan and Babe The Blue OxApril 30th, 2006537Yes
People lying in the grass (very very high res)People lying in the grass (very very high res)January 9th, 200718,390Yes
Photoresolution Road, Edwards AFBPhotoresolution Road, Edwards AFBJanuary 16th, 2006714No
Pittsburgh FaultPittsburgh FaultJanuary 4th, 2006623No
Plane at Sierra Army DepotPlane at Sierra Army DepotAugust 23rd, 2005576No
Poltergeist and E.T. housesPoltergeist and E.T. housesApril 23rd, 20063,637No
Practice RunwayPractice RunwayAugust 12th, 2006423Yes
Real Time Earthquake SFReal Time Earthquake SFOctober 6th, 2005795No
Red Mig21 FishbedRed Mig21 FishbedJanuary 5th, 2006391Yes
Red NumbersRed NumbersMarch 19th, 2006522Yes
Rocket launch platformRocket launch platformJanuary 31st, 20061,038No
Rose Hills Memorial ParkRose Hills Memorial ParkSeptember 17th, 2005353No
Round HouseRound HouseMay 29th, 20091,411Yes
Sacramento FloodingSacramento FloodingJanuary 3rd, 2006360No
Salvation Mountain, CASalvation Mountain, CAAugust 16th, 2005436No
San AndreasSan AndreasJune 8th, 20081,013No
San Andreas FaultSan Andreas FaultJuly 22nd, 20052,608Yes
San Clemente IslandSan Clemente IslandAugust 14th, 2005668No
San Gabriel River Flood ControlSan Gabriel River Flood ControlAugust 13th, 2005348No
secrect base?secrect base?December 12th, 20051,144Yes
Secret U.S. Military BaseSecret U.S. Military BaseAugust 4th, 20056,083Yes
SR71 and U2 on Palmdale Af Plant Nr 42SR71 and U2 on Palmdale Af Plant Nr 42August 15th, 20051,550Yes
Stingfellows Iron MountainStingfellows Iron MountainFebruary 11th, 2007362No
strange crop-circlestrange crop-circleMay 4th, 20071,138Yes
Sutro Tower (SF)Sutro Tower (SF)August 7th, 2005468Yes
Talk to Submarines HereTalk to Submarines HereAugust 12th, 2006596No
Tehachapi LoopTehachapi LoopAugust 9th, 2005477No
The Aliens are ComingThe Aliens are ComingJuly 25th, 20081,693Yes
The biggest military base in the USAThe biggest military base in the USANovember 25th, 20051,566No
The IntegratonThe IntegratonMay 5th, 2006459Yes
The wave organ of San FranciscoThe wave organ of San FranciscoMarch 21st, 2008412Yes
The Ziggurat Building, West Sacramento, CAThe Ziggurat Building, West Sacramento, CASeptember 20th, 2005611Yes
Transamerica Pyramid - 3DTransamerica Pyramid - 3DSeptember 18th, 2006953No
TransAmerica Pyramid, San Francisco, CATransAmerica Pyramid, San Francisco, CAAugust 2nd, 20051,275Yes
Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CATravis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CAAugust 17th, 2005759No
unidentifiedunidentifiedSeptember 17th, 20071,435Yes
US Armee National Training Center at Fort IrwinUS Armee National Training Center at Fort IrwinJanuary 5th, 2006684No
US Navy HovercraftsUS Navy HovercraftsJuly 30th, 2005919No
USMC gas chamberUSMC gas chamberDecember 3rd, 2005496No
vandenberg lauch centervandenberg lauch centerJanuary 30th, 2006645No
Who lives here?Who lives here?August 24th, 2005855No
Winchester Mystery HouseWinchester Mystery HouseApril 13th, 20061,716Yes
Yuba River Goldfields, CaliforniaYuba River Goldfields, CaliforniaAugust 11th, 20051,070No
Zabriskie PointZabriskie PointAugust 26th, 2005459No
Zzyzx, CAZzyzx, CANovember 7th, 2005673No


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