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ATTILA's files

This collection was built by ATTILA Avatar for ATTILA

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WWII sunk shipsWWII sunk shipsDecember 24th, 20163,260No
French Chauvineau LineFrench Chauvineau LineAugust 7th, 20114,011Yes
Varaignes CastleVaraignes CastleJune 23rd, 2008440No
Puyguilhem CastlePuyguilhem CastleJune 23rd, 2008317No
Montfort CastleMontfort CastleJune 23rd, 2008458No
Puymartin CastlePuymartin CastleJune 23rd, 2008487No
Lambertie CastleLambertie CastleJune 22nd, 2008811No
Montaigne CastleMontaigne CastleJune 22nd, 2008422No
Mareuil CastleMareuil CastleJune 22nd, 2008405No
Monbazillac CastleMonbazillac CastleJune 22nd, 2008416No
Les Milandes CastleLes Milandes CastleJune 21st, 2008462No
Les Bories CastleLes Bories CastleJune 21st, 2008403No
Lanquais CastleLanquais CastleJune 21st, 2008393No
Hautefort CastleHautefort CastleJune 20th, 2008338No
Bannes CastleBannes CastleJune 20th, 2008423No
Jumilhac-le-Grand CastleJumilhac-le-Grand CastleJune 20th, 2008416No
L Herm CastleL Herm CastleJune 20th, 2008405No
Fleurac CastleFleurac CastleJune 19th, 2008472No
Fenelon CastleFenelon CastleJune 19th, 2008380No
Fayrac CastleFayrac CastleJune 19th, 2008506No
Commarque castleCommarque castleJune 19th, 2008368No
Campagne CastleCampagne CastleJune 19th, 2008388No
Bourdeilles CastleBourdeilles CastleJune 18th, 2008414No
Barriere (Villamblard) CastleBarriere (Villamblard) CastleJune 18th, 2008368No
Biron CastleBiron CastleJune 18th, 2008627No
Hautvillard CastleHautvillard CastleMay 31st, 2008652No
Famous VesselsFamous VesselsApril 15th, 20082,422No
Ottrott Twin CastlesOttrott Twin CastlesApril 9th, 2008432No
Saverne CastlesSaverne CastlesApril 6th, 2008323No
Wasenbourg CastleWasenbourg CastleApril 5th, 2008515No
Kientzheim enclosureKientzheim enclosureApril 4th, 2008631No
Kaysersberg CastleKaysersberg CastleApril 4th, 2008482No
Ramstein CastleRamstein CastleApril 3rd, 2008467No
Ortenbourg CastleOrtenbourg CastleApril 3rd, 2008377No
Odratzheim CastleOdratzheim CastleApril 3rd, 2008398No
Haut-Barr CastleHaut-Barr CastleApril 3rd, 2008452No
Fleckenstein CastleFleckenstein CastleApril 2nd, 2008403No
Andlau CastleAndlau CastleApril 2nd, 2008339No
Le Bernstein CastleLe Bernstein CastleApril 2nd, 2008379No
Haut-Koenigsbourg CastleHaut-Koenigsbourg CastleApril 2nd, 2008522No
Nemours castleNemours castleMarch 23rd, 2008453No
Blandy-les-Tours CastleBlandy-les-Tours CastleMarch 23rd, 2008565No
Le Breguet RestaurantLe Breguet RestaurantMarch 23rd, 2008450Yes
Conde-sur-Escaut enclosureConde-sur-Escaut enclosureMarch 21st, 2007555No
French Castles and ManorsFrench Castles and ManorsOctober 17th, 20065,090Yes
Gravelines enclosureGravelines enclosureJuly 26th, 2006427No
Le Quesnoy enclosureLe Quesnoy enclosureJuly 25th, 2006424No
Rocroi enclosure overlayRocroi enclosure overlayJuly 21st, 2006378No
Fort Chapus (ile d oleron)Fort Chapus (ile d oleron)July 20th, 2006572No
Fort de La Pree (ile de Re)Fort de La Pree (ile de Re)July 20th, 2006487No
Bergues enclosureBergues enclosureJuly 20th, 2006431No
Saint-Martin-de-Re enclosure and citadelSaint-Martin-de-Re enclosure and citadelJuly 19th, 2006562No
Langres enclosure and citadelLangres enclosure and citadelJuly 17th, 20061,140No
Lastours 4 CastlesLastours 4 CastlesJuly 17th, 2006371No
Saint-Malo enclosure and fortificationsSaint-Malo enclosure and fortificationsJuly 17th, 2006620No
Montmedy citadelMontmedy citadelJuly 17th, 2006562No
Mont-Dauphin citadelMont-Dauphin citadelJuly 17th, 2006454Yes
Ile d Aix enclosure and fortificationsIle d Aix enclosure and fortificationsJuly 17th, 2006461No
Neuf-Brisach enclosureNeuf-Brisach enclosureJuly 15th, 2006647No
Carcassonne enclosureCarcassonne enclosureJuly 15th, 2006479No
Guerande enclosureGuerande enclosureJuly 14th, 2006448No
Toul enclosure overlayToul enclosure overlayJuly 11th, 2006425No
Aigues-Mortes enclosureAigues-Mortes enclosureJuly 11th, 2006399No
Salses CastleSalses CastleJuly 9th, 2006413No
Brouage enclosureBrouage enclosureJuly 9th, 2006376No
Bitche  citadelBitche citadelJuly 8th, 2006593No
France nuclear plantsFrance nuclear plantsJuly 1st, 20061,222Yes
IJN Yamato (R.I.P.) OverlayIJN Yamato (R.I.P.) OverlayMay 28th, 20061,764Yes
HMS Royal Oak (R.I.P.) overlayHMS Royal Oak (R.I.P.) overlayMay 28th, 20062,084No
The Silent killer Death ValleyThe Silent killer Death ValleyApril 24th, 2006466Yes
Goes vesting overlayGoes vesting overlayMarch 5th, 2006374No
Ennemaborgh castle overlayEnnemaborgh castle overlayMarch 3rd, 2006404No
Menkemaborg castle overlayMenkemaborg castle overlayMarch 3rd, 2006439No
Groningen enclosure overlayGroningen enclosure overlayFebruary 28th, 2006543Yes
DKM Tirpitz (12 Nov 1944) overlayDKM Tirpitz (12 Nov 1944) overlayFebruary 26th, 20061,887No
Grisy-Suisnes castleGrisy-Suisnes castleFebruary 26th, 2006419No
Ipswitch CastleIpswitch CastleFebruary 26th, 2006437No
Icworth House castleIcworth House castleFebruary 26th, 2006394No
Ile-de-France region castlesIle-de-France region castlesFebruary 21st, 2006763No
Pen-an-Dreff castlePen-an-Dreff castleFebruary 19th, 2006342No
Saint-Mars-du-Desert castleSaint-Mars-du-Desert castleFebruary 19th, 2006505No
Montreuil castleMontreuil castleFebruary 19th, 2006355No
Les Onglees castleLes Onglees castleFebruary 19th, 2006413No
Le Plessix castleLe Plessix castleFebruary 19th, 2006360No
Le Fond-des-Bois castleLe Fond-des-Bois castleFebruary 19th, 2006442No
Le Chatelier castleLe Chatelier castleFebruary 19th, 2006386Yes
Le Bois-Glaume castleLe Bois-Glaume castleFebruary 19th, 2006386No
Le Bois-du-Loup castleLe Bois-du-Loup castleFebruary 19th, 2006468No
La Villarmois castleLa Villarmois castleFebruary 19th, 2006409No
La Tullaye castleLa Tullaye castleFebruary 19th, 2006354No
La Pervenchere castleLa Pervenchere castleFebruary 19th, 2006392No
La Roche-Giffard castleLa Roche-Giffard castleFebruary 19th, 2006422No
La Luciniere castleLa Luciniere castleFebruary 19th, 2006363No
La Magnane castleLa Magnane castleFebruary 19th, 2006392No
Bois-Orcan castleBois-Orcan castleFebruary 19th, 2006417No
Bois-Geffroy castleBois-Geffroy castleFebruary 19th, 2006398No
Bois-Geffroy castleBois-Geffroy castleFebruary 19th, 2006398No
Middelburg enclosure overlayMiddelburg enclosure overlayFebruary 15th, 2006524No
Haarlem enclosure overlayHaarlem enclosure overlayFebruary 15th, 2006387No
La Ballue castleLa Ballue castleFebruary 15th, 2006458No
La Cour-Senlisse castleLa Cour-Senlisse castleFebruary 15th, 2006377No
Velor castleVelor castleFebruary 14th, 2006343No
Usse castleUsse castleFebruary 14th, 2006481No
Le Coudray-Montpensier castleLe Coudray-Montpensier castleFebruary 14th, 2006367No
La Roche-du-Maine castleLa Roche-du-Maine castleFebruary 14th, 2006505No
Detilly castleDetilly castleFebruary 14th, 2006498No
Danzay castleDanzay castleFebruary 14th, 2006418No
Coulaines castleCoulaines castleFebruary 14th, 2006364No
Muiden enclosure overlayMuiden enclosure overlayFebruary 13th, 2006477No
Urtubie castleUrtubie castleFebruary 12th, 2006384No
Antoine d Abbadie castleAntoine d Abbadie castleFebruary 12th, 2006343No
DKM Prinz Eugen (R.I.P.) overlayDKM Prinz Eugen (R.I.P.) overlayFebruary 11th, 20063,193No
DKM Bismarck (R.I.P.) overlayDKM Bismarck (R.I.P.) overlayFebruary 11th, 20062,331Yes
Cadillac CastleCadillac CastleFebruary 9th, 2006406No
Chalucet castleChalucet castleFebruary 8th, 2006427No
La Poivriere castleLa Poivriere castleFebruary 8th, 2006400No
Ravel CastleRavel CastleFebruary 8th, 2006408No
Billy CastleBilly CastleFebruary 7th, 2006455No
Culemborg - Waalse Wetering Redoubt overlayCulemborg - Waalse Wetering Redoubt overlayFebruary 7th, 2006431No
Culemborg - Lunet Aan de Snel overlayCulemborg - Lunet Aan de Snel overlayFebruary 7th, 2006422No
Culemborg - Fort Honswijk overlayCulemborg - Fort Honswijk overlayFebruary 7th, 2006388No
Culemborg - Fort Everdingen overlayCulemborg - Fort Everdingen overlayFebruary 7th, 2006418No
Culemborg - Aan het Spoel Werke overlayCulemborg - Aan het Spoel Werke overlayFebruary 7th, 2006375No
Culemborg - Aan de Korte Uitweg Redoubt overlayCulemborg - Aan de Korte Uitweg Redoubt overlayFebruary 7th, 2006372No
Willemstad - Fort Prinz Frederik overlayWillemstad - Fort Prinz Frederik overlayFebruary 7th, 2006401No
Willemstad - Fort De Hel overlayWillemstad - Fort De Hel overlayFebruary 7th, 2006411No
Willemstad - Fort Buttensluis overlayWillemstad - Fort Buttensluis overlayFebruary 7th, 2006393No
Willemstad - Fort Bovensluis overlayWillemstad - Fort Bovensluis overlayFebruary 7th, 2006381No
Werkendam - Redoute Aan De Bakkerskil overlayWerkendam - Redoute Aan De Bakkerskil overlayFebruary 6th, 2006386No
Werkendam - Fort Altena overlayWerkendam - Fort Altena overlayFebruary 6th, 2006365No
Werkendam - Fort Aan Steurgat overlayWerkendam - Fort Aan Steurgat overlayFebruary 6th, 2006375No
Heusden - Fort  of Hedikhuizen overlayHeusden - Fort of Hedikhuizen overlayFebruary 6th, 2006375No
Hertogenbosh - Fort Engelen overlayHertogenbosh - Fort Engelen overlayFebruary 6th, 2006360No
Breda - Fort De Spinola Schans overlayBreda - Fort De Spinola Schans overlayFebruary 6th, 2006564No
Breda - De Kleine Schans overlayBreda - De Kleine Schans overlayFebruary 6th, 2006433No
Woudrichem - Fort de Giessen overlayWoudrichem - Fort de Giessen overlayFebruary 5th, 2006402No
Woudrichem - Fort Aan De Uppelse Dijk overlayWoudrichem - Fort Aan De Uppelse Dijk overlayFebruary 5th, 2006663No
Nieuwersluis - Fort Nieuwersluis overlayNieuwersluis - Fort Nieuwersluis overlayFebruary 5th, 2006357No
Empel - Fort Crevecoeur overlayEmpel - Fort Crevecoeur overlayFebruary 5th, 2006387No
Willemstad - Fort Sabrina overlayWillemstad - Fort Sabrina overlayFebruary 4th, 2006416No
Hertogenbosh - Old citadel overlayHertogenbosh - Old citadel overlayFebruary 4th, 2006389No
Hertogenbosh - Fort Sint Anthonie overlayHertogenbosh - Fort Sint Anthonie overlayFebruary 4th, 2006362No
Hertogenbosh - Fort Isabella overlayHertogenbosh - Fort Isabella overlayFebruary 4th, 2006390No
Ouddorp - Fort De Vere Schans overlayOuddorp - Fort De Vere Schans overlayFebruary 4th, 2006415No
Tholen enclosure overlayTholen enclosure overlayFebruary 3rd, 2006378Yes
Breskens enclosure overlayBreskens enclosure overlayFebruary 3rd, 2006429No
Hulst - Fort Zandberg overlayHulst - Fort Zandberg overlayFebruary 3rd, 2006389No
Aardenburg - Kruisdijk Fort overlayAardenburg - Kruisdijk Fort overlayFebruary 3rd, 2006436No
Toulon 1942 complete overlayToulon 1942 complete overlayFebruary 2nd, 20061,830Yes
Lewes CastleLewes CastleFebruary 1st, 2006437No
Bodegraven - Fort De Wiereicher SchansBodegraven - Fort De Wiereicher SchansJanuary 31st, 2006354No
Hellevoetsluis enclosure overlayHellevoetsluis enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006380No
Hellevoetsluis - Fort Noorddijk overlayHellevoetsluis - Fort Noorddijk overlayJanuary 31st, 2006419No
Brielle - Fort Voorm overlayBrielle - Fort Voorm overlayJanuary 31st, 2006372No
Ijmuiden - Fort island overlayIjmuiden - Fort island overlayJanuary 31st, 2006504No
Den Helder - Fort Dirks Admiraal overlayDen Helder - Fort Dirks Admiraal overlayJanuary 31st, 2006442No
Groenlo enclosure overlayGroenlo enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006376No
Elburg enclosure overlayElburg enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006378No
Zwolle enclosure overlayZwolle enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006394No
Goevorden enclosure overlayGoevorden enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006363No
Deventer enclosure overlayDeventer enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006414No
Grave enclosure overlayGrave enclosure overlayJanuary 31st, 2006351No
Sluis enclosure overlaySluis enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006369No
Veere enclosure overlayVeere enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006418No
Geertruidenberg enclosure overlayGeertruidenberg enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006362No
Gorinchem enclosure overlayGorinchem enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006497No
Woudrichem enclosure overlayWoudrichem enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006388No
Zaltbommel enclosure overlayZaltbommel enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006405No
Oudeschans Enclosure overlayOudeschans Enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006377No
Leeuwarden Enclosure overlayLeeuwarden Enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006455No
Bourtange enclosure overlayBourtange enclosure overlayJanuary 30th, 2006430No
Langoiran CastleLangoiran CastleJanuary 30th, 2006385No
Castle of MalleCastle of MalleJanuary 30th, 2006401No
Woudrichem - Fort Loevestein overlayWoudrichem - Fort Loevestein overlayJanuary 29th, 2006470No
Gorinchen - Fort Vuren overlayGorinchen - Fort Vuren overlayJanuary 29th, 2006506No
Schouven-Duiveland enclosure overlaySchouven-Duiveland enclosure overlayJanuary 29th, 2006481No
Ijzendijke enclosure overlayIjzendijke enclosure overlayJanuary 29th, 2006447No
Brouwershaven enclosure overlayBrouwershaven enclosure overlayJanuary 29th, 2006417No
Baville CastleBaville CastleJanuary 16th, 2006325No
Sceaux CastleSceaux CastleJanuary 16th, 2006414No
Fontenay-les-Briis castleFontenay-les-Briis castleJanuary 16th, 2006410No
Breteuil CastleBreteuil CastleJanuary 16th, 2006408No
Saint-germain-en-laye CastleSaint-germain-en-laye CastleJanuary 15th, 2006444No
La Grange d Yerres CastleLa Grange d Yerres CastleJanuary 15th, 2006406Yes
Grosbois CastleGrosbois CastleJanuary 15th, 2006427No
Alexandre Dumas HouseAlexandre Dumas HouseJanuary 15th, 2006749No
Gisors FortressGisors FortressJanuary 15th, 2006382No
Maisons-Laffitte castleMaisons-Laffitte castleJanuary 15th, 2006423No
Bonnelles CastleBonnelles CastleJanuary 15th, 2006414No
Ferrieres CastleFerrieres CastleJanuary 15th, 2006408No
Meridon CastleMeridon CastleJanuary 15th, 2006401No
Dampierre CastleDampierre CastleJanuary 15th, 2006439No
Le Marais CastleLe Marais CastleJanuary 14th, 2006470Yes
Courson-Monteloup CastleCourson-Monteloup CastleJanuary 14th, 2006407No
Polignac FortressPolignac FortressJanuary 13th, 2006342No
La Brede CastleLa Brede CastleJanuary 13th, 2006420No
Fontaine-Etoupefour CastleFontaine-Etoupefour CastleJanuary 8th, 2006394No
St-Jean-de-Beauregard castleSt-Jean-de-Beauregard castleJanuary 8th, 2006476No
Balleroy CastleBalleroy CastleJanuary 8th, 2006567No
Rochefort-en-yvelines castleRochefort-en-yvelines castleJanuary 7th, 2006430No
Dourdan castleDourdan castleJanuary 7th, 2006357No
La Motte-d-Usseau castleLa Motte-d-Usseau castleJanuary 7th, 2006385No
Coudray-Salbart CastleCoudray-Salbart CastleJanuary 7th, 2006348No
Trecesson castleTrecesson castleJanuary 4th, 2006411No
Suscinio castleSuscinio castleJanuary 4th, 2006327No
Nidau CastleNidau CastleJanuary 4th, 2006414No
Grasburg castleGrasburg castleJanuary 4th, 2006736No
Morat enclosure and castleMorat enclosure and castleJanuary 4th, 2006383No
Rochebaron castleRochebaron castleJanuary 3rd, 2006451No
Herisson castleHerisson castleJanuary 3rd, 2006345No
Bellegarde-du-Loiret CastleBellegarde-du-Loiret CastleJanuary 3rd, 2006448No
Przemysl 1914 Forts beltPrzemysl 1914 Forts beltJanuary 3rd, 2006608No
Blancafort CastleBlancafort CastleJanuary 3rd, 2006434No
Apremont-sur-Allier CastleApremont-sur-Allier CastleJanuary 3rd, 2006425No
Chateaugiron CastleChateaugiron CastleJanuary 2nd, 2006479No
Castelnau-Bretenoux Castle (low res)Castelnau-Bretenoux Castle (low res)January 2nd, 2006343No
Beaucaire CastleBeaucaire CastleJanuary 2nd, 2006403Yes
Chateau-Thierry citadelChateau-Thierry citadelJanuary 1st, 2006395No
Anjony CastleAnjony CastleJanuary 1st, 2006332No
Le Barroux CastleLe Barroux CastleJanuary 1st, 2006349No
Les-Baux-de-Provence CitadelLes-Baux-de-Provence CitadelJanuary 1st, 2006453No
Almourol CastleAlmourol CastleJanuary 1st, 2006504No
Harcourt CastleHarcourt CastleDecember 30th, 2005326No
La Madeleine CastleLa Madeleine CastleDecember 30th, 2005599No
Blaye FortressesBlaye FortressesDecember 30th, 2005411No
Blanquefort CastleBlanquefort CastleDecember 30th, 2005375No
Bonaguil CastleBonaguil CastleDecember 30th, 2005386No
Nantes - Castle of Duchess AnnNantes - Castle of Duchess AnnDecember 30th, 2005407Yes
Bazoches castleBazoches castleDecember 29th, 2005361No
Spesbourg castleSpesbourg castleDecember 29th, 2005340No
Pirou CastlePirou CastleDecember 29th, 2005376No
Loches CastleLoches CastleDecember 29th, 2005384No
Sagonne CastleSagonne CastleDecember 29th, 2005427No
Blandy-les-tours CastleBlandy-les-tours CastleDecember 29th, 2005414No
Murol CastleMurol CastleDecember 28th, 2005385Yes
Beersel CastleBeersel CastleDecember 28th, 2005393No
Leeds CastleLeeds CastleDecember 28th, 2005408No
Bodiam CastleBodiam CastleDecember 28th, 2005380No
Castelnaud CastleCastelnaud CastleDecember 28th, 2005352No
Beynac CastleBeynac CastleDecember 28th, 2005333No
Roquetaillade CastleRoquetaillade CastleDecember 28th, 2005397No
Villandraut CastleVillandraut CastleDecember 28th, 2005433No
Haut-Koenigsbourg CastleHaut-Koenigsbourg CastleDecember 27th, 2005423No
La Hunadaye CastleLa Hunadaye CastleDecember 27th, 2005320No
Tonquedec castleTonquedec castleDecember 27th, 2005452No
Fort-La-Latte CastleFort-La-Latte CastleDecember 27th, 2005408No
La Roche-Guyon CastleLa Roche-Guyon CastleDecember 27th, 2005410No
Fere-en-tardenois castlesFere-en-tardenois castlesDecember 27th, 2005415No
Gravelines - La citeGravelines - La citeDecember 26th, 2005902No
Rocroi - La citeRocroi - La citeDecember 25th, 2005384No
Chinon - Le chateauChinon - Le chateauDecember 25th, 2005463Yes
Pierrefond - Le chateauPierrefond - Le chateauDecember 25th, 2005381No
Montmedy - La citadelleMontmedy - La citadelleDecember 25th, 2005419No
Wiltshire white horsesWiltshire white horsesDecember 17th, 2005497No
December 2005 nuclear accidentDecember 2005 nuclear accidentDecember 17th, 20051,578No
Montbeliard Forts BeltMontbeliard Forts BeltDecember 15th, 2005548No
Caen - La citadelleCaen - La citadelleDecember 15th, 2005466No
Reims 1914 Forts beltReims 1914 Forts beltDecember 15th, 2005602No
Paris 1912 FortificationsParis 1912 FortificationsDecember 15th, 20052,678No
EPINAL 1912 Forts beltEPINAL 1912 Forts beltDecember 13th, 2005591No
All Europe FortsAll Europe FortsDecember 12th, 20051,001Yes
All America FortsAll America FortsDecember 12th, 2005964No
Maubeuge 1914 Forts beltMaubeuge 1914 Forts beltDecember 5th, 2005640No
Iraq, Mother of civilizationIraq, Mother of civilizationDecember 5th, 20051,412Yes
Dijon 1896 Forts beltDijon 1896 Forts beltDecember 5th, 2005617No
Langres 1912 Forts beltLangres 1912 Forts beltDecember 5th, 2005491No
Toul 1914 Forts beltToul 1914 Forts beltDecember 4th, 2005635No
Verdun 1914 Forts beltVerdun 1914 Forts beltDecember 4th, 20054,603No
Metz 1914 Forts beltMetz 1914 Forts beltDecember 4th, 2005815No
Poznan 1896 FortsPoznan 1896 FortsNovember 30th, 2005526Yes
Koenisgberg (Kaliningrad) 1894 FortsKoenisgberg (Kaliningrad) 1894 FortsNovember 30th, 2005556No
Lyon (France) Forts beltLyon (France) Forts beltNovember 27th, 2005577No
Historical castlesHistorical castlesOctober 29th, 20051,358Yes
Worldwide forts and fortressesWorldwide forts and fortressesOctober 28th, 20051,000No
WW I sunk shipsWW I sunk shipsOctober 28th, 20053,257No
Belgium FortsBelgium FortsOctober 28th, 2005600No
Netherlands EnclosuresNetherlands EnclosuresOctober 28th, 20051,007No
Netherlands FortsNetherlands FortsOctober 28th, 2005793No
French Maginot lineFrench Maginot lineOctober 28th, 200514,815Yes


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