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A litlle canal in chinese desert (Xinkiang,China)
A lot of little mines on desert Western (Xinkiang,China)
A water reserve in Taklamakan desert (Xinjinag,china)
Antenna in Xinjiang(Xinjiang,China)
Archeology,Oasis on Keriya River,Xinjiang,China
Balnear station near Uxxaktal(Xinjiang,China)
Big circular road in china (Korla Xinjiang)
Border China-Kyrgyzstan (Torugart Pass)
Camouflaged buildings (Xinjiang,China)
Camp in Taklamakan desert (Xinjiang,China)
Column of vehicles on desert Western (Xinkiang,China)
Dam in Xinjiang (China)
Irrigation on Lob Nor (Xinkiang,China)
Junggar Pendi - Dzungarian Basin (Xinjiang,China)
Korla Airport Xinjiang,China
Many excavations (Xinjiang-China)
Militar site in Xinjiang (Xinjiang,China)
Mine near Korla, Xinjiang, China
Nice Chinese garden at the Kazakhstan border (Xinjiang,China)
Oil Quest in Taklamakan (Xinjiang,China)
plane in the sky,kuqa (xinjiang,china)
Several Mongolian yurts near the border China-Mongolia (Xinjiang,China)
Small mine in Xinjiang China
Some constructions into Talkamakam desert(Xinjiang,China)
Strange line in Western China(Xinjiang)
Stranges symbols in Xinjiang China
Toll gate on nowhere (Xinjiang,China)
Truck on a trail near Korla Xinjiang China
Urumqi observatory (Xinjiang-China)
Vehicles in sand dune of Taklamakan desert (Xinjiang,China)