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 Some Locations from Die Hard
100 unique, amazing and special airports in the world
7 guys looking at you
Airplane on the top of a building
All America Forts
Ancient Inca city Mayapan
Ancient Pyramids Worldwide
Cheyenne Mountain
Collapsed sea cave
Crossing Children Sign
Daman and Diu, India
Destroyed town
Enormous swimming pool
EST42NAV. - Mexico
Friendly Visitors
Friends Apartment Complex
Gilmore Girls Set
Google Earths Biggest Ship Collection
Half a car
Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City
Harry Potter Hoagsmead Station
Harry Potter Hogwards 1
Harry Potter Railway Viaduct
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House M.D. - Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Huangguoshu Fall
Huge world map in Chicago
Indian Face
JAG Headquarters Building
KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)
La Pera Curve, Acapulco Highway, Mexico
Lord of the Rings
Madagascar - Nosy Be
Men building a pool
mid-air plane
Mt. Kailash
Nagasaki Hypocenter, Japan
Nash Bridges location
Natural History Museum, Mexico City
Octogonal neighborhood, Mexico CIty
Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica, Mexico City
PAF airbase Faisal
Plane over France
Plane with Nice Contrail
Playa Del Carmen
Ponderosa Ranch
Puerto de Alturas, Yucatan, Mexico
Realistic Add On
Rest of plane
Route 66
Ruins Old Panama
Sacre Couer
Sand Snake
satellite footprints
Schoolbus on rooftop
Secret Submarine Base
Secret U.S. Military Base
Sedan Crater
Ship Tomb
Six Flags, Mexico City
Skyscrapers in Chicago
smiling guy
Star Trek Lives
Stargate SG1 Locations Vancouver BC
Strange Figure
Surfing Class in Session
The Colosseum
The Cuicuilco Pyramid - Only Circular Pyramid in the World
The Lighthouse of the End of the World
The Only Airplane Wash Facility of the World
The Top 10 Restaurants In The World - 2005
TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, march 29th 2006
Ufo Australia
UNAM - FES Aragon
unformed crop circle
unidentified stuff
Vancouver, 3D
Victoria Falls
Waving people
World weather
Worlds largest fountain
WTH happened here???
Zeiss RMK TOP Camera Identification