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GE Football

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How to play

First things first - you need to download the game. Head over to our main football page and look for the link near the bottom that says "Click here and a new game will be generated for you". Click that.

On the next page, you'll see a link that says "You can download your game KML file here.". Click that, and it'll load the game into Google Earth. This will load one game for you. The tracking code for each game is buried within the file, so when the game is over you'll need to go back to that page and download a new file.

Now you should be looking at a screen like this:

GE Football

On the left side of the screen you'll see some options inside of "My Places". Those are the plays you can choose. Depending on whether you got the ball to start the game or not, you'll either see some offensive or defensive choices. Click on the small circle (called a "radio button") next to the play you want to run. The screen should pop up a message that says "Play sent successfully!", as shown below:

GE Football - Play sent

If you see that, the play has been sent to the server and is processing. Now we need to get the game to refresh. It will refresh automatically with the result of your play every 10 seconds. However, if you move the view on the screen just a tiny bit and then stop, that will trigger a refresh as well. It's one of those Google Earth quirks that there's no good way around yet. :)

Once the game has refreshed, the results of your play will be written next to the football, as shown below:

Google Earth Football - Play Results

They'll also be reflected in the scoreboard at the top of the screen. If it was a big play, like a touchdown or interception, a large overlay would be put on the field to highlight that, like below:

Google Earth Football - Interception

Just keep working through the game choosing plays and updating the network link. When the game is over, it'll tell you. At that point, you should delete the file from Google Earth so it doesn't keep hitting our server every 10 seconds for a status update. Feel free to download another game from the server and play again.

We have a forum where you can ask any questions about the game, but here are a few basic bits of information:

  • Clock. The game is played with 3:00 quarters. Time is only taken off when you run a play. The amount of time taken per play varies, but is somewhat logical. For instance, a long run will eat up more time than a short incomplete pass.
  • If you play "safe" defense, they'll almost never get a breakaway run or pass. However, the computer will be able to chew up shorter chunks of yardage.
  • If you blitz, you're more likely to give up a big play.
  • If you fail to choose "punt return" when the computer punts, their punt will travel further (bouncing down the field) and there will be no return.
  • Right now, the only stadium available is San Diego. I picked it pretty much at random. We hope to add more eventually.
  • If you are wondering how this works from a technical standpoint, here's a quick run-down:
    • Each KML generated has a tag in it for us to identify which game it's for.
    • Every time the network link is refreshed, that tag is sent to our server and we feed back the current status of the game.
    • Inside of the network link is the list of plays. Each play is its own network link. When you click a play, it fires a network link to our server, which captures the game and play information, computes the result of the play, and then sends the "play sent successfully" message.
    • Next time the main network link refreshes, the results from the most recent play are in there, along with the next set of play options.
    • If you have further questions, feel free to ask in our forums.
  • Multi-player support may show up sometime in the future as well, but that gets even messier with the network links....

Have fun!


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