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  1. HIFAR Nuclear Reactor discussion
  2. Pentagon discussion
  3. 50 Most Unusual Buildings of the World, Part 1 discussion
  4. Crop Circle? discussion
  5. Australian Zoo discussion
  6. Sea World discussion
  7. Adelaide Oval discussion
  8. Bond University discussion
  9. Australian War Memorials, Canberra discussion
  10. Fremantle Prison discussion
  11. Perth Convention Exhibition Centre discussion
  12. SS Andrea Doria Wreck (Ghost Ship Movie) discussion
  13. Minuteman II, Fargo, North Dakota discussion
  14. Dala Horse discussion
  15. Union Pacific Big Boy Collection discussion
  16. Old rehabbed UP roundhouse. Evanston, Wy. discussion
  17. Pryamid Arena, Memphis, TN discussion
  18. FedEx Forum, Memphis, TN discussion
  19. airplane graveyard discussion
  20. F-18 Crash discussion
  21. Futuro Homes around the world discussion
  22. Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans discussion
  23. Boeing B-17G Fortress Gas Station discussion
  24. F-86D at Birmingham, Al discussion
  25. Saturn 1B AS-211 at the Alabama Welcome Center discussion
  26. Bismarck sign discussion
  27. Louisiana State Penitentiary Angola, LA discussion
  28. M.C.S.O. Tent City Jail - Sheriff Joe Arpaio discussion
  29. English Electric Canberra T.4 - WJ992 at Bournmouth discussion
  30. Bush family compound in Maine discussion
  31. Niagara Falls discussion
  32. Shortest Commercial Airport Runway discussion
  33. 50 Most Unusual Buildings of the World, Part 2 discussion
  34. Moai in Waterbury discussion
  35. Four Corners National Monument discussion
  36. Billy the Kids grave discussion
  37. O.K. Corral in Tombstone discussion
  38. National Security Agency (NSA) discussion
  39. S.S. Camille discussion
  40. North American Rockwell T-2C Buckeye discussion
  41. Steam boat restaurant discussion
  42. Fort Popham, Phippsburg discussion
  43. Two Lockheed Constellations discussion
  44. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City,... disucussion
  45. Bountiful Utah Temple LDS discussion
  46. Flaming Gorge Dam discussion
  47. South of the Border discussion
  48. 150 Foot Tall Peach discussion
  49. Hot Stuff discussion
  50. USS George Bancroft (SSBN-643), Georgia discussion
  51. Battleship USS North Carolina discussion
  52. CVN-69 Dwight D Eisenhower in Dubai discussion
  53. Mount Connor discussion
  54. Kirghiztan dam discussion
  55. unusual huge blocks under the sea discussion
  56. Facebook HQ discussion
  57. Sutro Tower (SF) discussion
  58. Cave Rock discussion
  59. Cohoes Falls, New York discussion
  60. Eisenhower Tunnel discussion
  61. Utah Crop Circle discussion
  62. wild Horse Adult Ranch and Spa discussion
  63. Bell Mountain discussion
  64. El Paso Border Crossing discussion
  65. Mexican Border discussion
  66. Orbital Sciences Stargazer at Mojave Airport discussion
  67. Sepulveda Blvd. discussion
  68. F-18C Hornet discussion
  69. Kokopelli discussion
  70. Volkswagen Beetle in the ground discussion
  71. Phantom Display discussion
  72. Octagon House discussion
  73. Collings Foundation Warbirds in Florida discussion
  74. Three little sisters of the statue of liberty - Seattle - Pa... disucussion
  75. Carlton, Melbourne, Helicopter discussion
  76. the statue have disappeared by law discussion
  77. 2nd Largest Cross discussion
  78. Ship Rock discussion
  79. Static Aircraft discussion
  80. The Door To Hell discussion
  81. English Field Air and Space Museum discussion
  82. Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress at John Wayne discussion
  83. Champlain Bridge, Lake Champlain, Vermont discussion
  84. Beech 18 discussion
  85. Town without water discussion
  86. Lockheed F-104D Starfighter at Los Angeles discussion
  87. Allen-Bradley Clock Tower discussion
  88. Dinosaur World discussion
  89. Charlotte Speedway discussion
  90. Homestead-Miami Speedway discussion
  91. Kansas Speedway discussion
  92. Phoenix International Raceway discussion
  93. National New York Railroad Museum discussion
  94. Statue of Liberty in Birmingham discussion
  95. Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine discussion
  96. Fort Pulaski, Georgia discussion
  97. Frighter William A. Irvin, Duluth discussion
  98. Vulcan XM605 discussion
  99. RP FLIP discussion
  100. Loon Mountain Ski Resort, New Hampshire discussion
  101. K.T. Palmer Sundial discussion
  102. Kenmore Seaplane Base discussion
  103. Sugarloaf Ski Resort discussion
  104. Dinosaur Gas Station discussion
  105. Boothill Cemetary discussion
  106. Harold Washington Library, Chicago discussion
  107. ancient Chinese coin building discussion
  108. El sombrero. Famous typical restaurant in Tijuana, discussion
  109. Heart discussion
  110. unusual rings under the sea discussion
  111. Amboy Crater, Mojave Desert, CA discussion
  112. Inhabited bridge, Frome, Avon, UK. part 3. discussion
  113. Inhabited bridge, Lovetch, bulgaria discussion
  114. UFOs on the beach? discussion
  115. World tallest wooden house discussion
  116. Global climate change. the first victim... discussion
  117. J. A. Topf und Soehne - Crematory factory for KZ-camps discussion
  118. Edgewater Flagpole discussion
  119. Car accident on the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge in Niederkassel discussion
  120. Tallest flagpole in the USA discussion
  121. Largest Tin Soldier discussion
  122. Amazon.com Headquarters discussion
  123. Pelican Bay State Prison discussion
  124. Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB discussion
  125. Microsoft California HQ, Mountain View discussion
  126. Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo discussion
  127. Shot Tower - Baltimore discussion
  128. Tripod Watertower discussion
  129. Memphis Arkansas Bridge discussion
  130. The American Easel discussion
  131. Pixar Animation Studios discussion
  132. Lowell Observatory discussion
  133. Trick My Truck discussion
  134. world narrowest building discussion
  135. Worlds Largest Office Chair discussion
  136. Steepest Street discussion
  137. World Oldest Baseball Diamond in Continuous Use discussion
  138. Worlds Tallest Man Statue discussion
  139. biggest lamppost discussion
  140. Largest Doric Column discussion
  141. Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox discussion
  142. Two Saturn V Rockets 3D - USA discussion
  143. School bus depot in MT discussion
  144. Someone mowing the lawn on a soccer pitch discussion
  145. Tie-Fighter Cockpit - Flight Sim Overlay discussion
  146. Crack in the World discussion
  147. Romanee Conti, the unique vineyard discussion
  148. Hidden place under the mountain discussion
  149. The Four Hills Tournament discussion
  150. Nuclear Submarines discussion
  151. a jet discussion
  152. San Andreas Fault discussion
  153. TAIWAN,TAICHUNG discussion
  155. Taichung Park Hu Xinting,TAIWAN discussion
  156. Cristiano Ronaldo Lives Here discussion
  157. The Sun Bowl, El Paso, Texas, USA discussion
  158. Old Main discussion
  159. Arkansas State Police discussion
  160. First Baptist Church discussion
  161. Bobby Hopper Tunnel discussion
  162. First Baptist Church discussion
  163. Daytona discussion
  164. Embassy of Bulgaria - Washington DC discussion
  165. Fort Macon discussion
  166. Red Mig21 Fishbed discussion
  167. Border crossing, Houlton, Maine, USA discussion
  168. Hanging Rock discussion
  169. Biggest Coca-Cola bottle, Las Vegas, NV, USA discussion
  170. Circus-Circus Hotel, Las Vegas discussion
  171. GM Building discussion
  172. Jacobs Field discussion
  173. Cleveland Browns Stadium discussion
  174. Paul Brown Stadium discussion
  175. Commonwealth Stadium discussion
  176. London Bridge Overlay discussion
  177. Widest Bridge in North America discussion
  178. Alamodome-San Antonio,USA discussion
  179. Spartan Stadium-San Jose,USA discussion
  180. Hard Rock Cafe, New Orleans, LA, USA discussion
  181. Calico Ghost Town, CA, USA discussion
  182. Philbrook Museum of Art discussion
  183. Will Rogers Memorial discussion
  184. USS Midway 2004 (OL) discussion
  185. Gloria Estefan Bongos Cuban Cafe discussion
  186. The Holy Land Experience Theme Park, Orlando discussion
  187. Y shaped bridge discussion
  188. Historic Route 66 - Start point Chicago discussion
  189. A big Truckstop discussion
  190. Amityville House discussion
  191. Paul Reveres House, Boston discussion
  192. Griffith Observatory, LA discussion
  193. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum discussion
  194. White Sands National Monument discussion
  195. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art discussion
  196. The Fabulous Las Vegas -sign discussion
  197. Bank One Ballpark discussion
  198. Coors Field, Denver, Colorado discussion
  199. Copper Mountain Ski Area, Colorado discussion
  200. Vail Ski Resort, Colorado discussion
  201. HP Pavilion - San Jose, CA discussion
  202. LDS Mormon San Diego Temple discussion
  203. Winchester Mystery House discussion
  204. M and M Mars Chocolate Factory discussion
  205. Smith Tower, Seattle, WA discussion
  206. Denver Civic Center, CO discussion
  207. Dinosaurs discussion
  208. Grateful Dead house, San Francisco, CA discussion
  209. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA discussion
  210. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida discussion
  211. Tacoma Dome discussion
  212. Capitol Records Buliding Hollywood discussion
  213. Museum of Glass, Tacoma discussion
  214. Philadephia Museum of Art discussion
  215. Lincoln Tunnel entrance, Weehauken, NJ discussion
  216. American Museum of Natural History, NYC discussion
  217. Birthplace of Apple Computer discussion
  218. Fenway Park discussion
  219. Danielle Steel mansion, San Francisco, CA discussion
  220. Y-bridge of Galena discussion
  221. Rock In A House (Spain) discussion
  222. IceHotel discussion
  223. Sikorsky Plant discussion
  224. Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas discussion
  225. The Dakota in New York City discussion
  226. Aaron Spellings Castle, CA discussion
  227. Wind Farm in San Gorgonio Pass, California discussion
  228. National Redwood Forest discussion
  229. Death Valley discussion
  230. Goodyear Airdock discussion
  231. Big Bend National Park discussion
  232. LDS Fresno Temple discussion
  233. Salt Lake Temple Square discussion
  234. Edgar Thomson Steel Works, Braddock, PA discussion
  235. Mt. McKinley - Alaska discussion
  236. Alabama Space and Rocket Center discussion
  237. Gillette Stadium discussion
  238. a building in the middle of the highway discussion
  239. Cookie Time DC3 Cafe in Mangaweka discussion
  240. Gothic church in China, Shenyang city discussion
  241. Gold Ave. Community House discussion
  242. Lockheed U-2R in flight over Kuwait discussion
  243. Ped Xing Alley discussion
  244. Hyatt Waikiki to Sheraton Waikiki Directions discussion
  245. Provencher Bridge Under Construction discussion
  246. Ponte marconi discussion
  247. Mysterious hole in china discussion
  248. crocodile discussion
  249. Llagas Creek Bridge discussion
  250. US Airways Flight 1549 discussion