View Full Version : Change log

  1. Network link upgrade
  2. Change parameters other than just colors
  3. City pages list recent attacks
  4. City detail pages show time owned
  5. Armies have more individual control
  6. You now have home bases
  7. New GEwar currency - the Geo
  8. Top players page now goes as long as you want
  9. Lots of nuke changes
  10. Oil wells!
  11. Oil bonus for the owner of Riyadh
  12. Army movement now takes time
  13. Troops can only be added while an army is in a city or at your home base
  14. Cotton Fields
  15. Fudge factor on tents
  16. Jewel hunting changes
  17. Resource rate changes
  18. City Heights
  19. Time until you can build next oil well / cotton field
  20. Higher bonuses for Atlanta and Riyadh owners
  21. Recent user activity
  22. Other armies on the way
  23. Diamond Mines
  24. Nuke purchases now require that you own two cities
  25. New KML file downloads required
  26. Tax Revenue!
  27. Army Upkeep Costs
  28. Jewel hunting changes
  29. Oil, Cotton and Diamonds are a little easier to get
  30. One step toward pre-emptive strikes
  31. Pre-emptive strikes!
  32. Slight change in attack calculations
  33. Latest Activity
  34. In-Game Private Message Notification
  35. Attack outside of home bases
  36. Earn Interest Income at the Bank! Also, some big rate changes.
  37. 500 or so accounts removed
  38. Alliances!
  39. Resources now give more per day but last less time
  40. Effective Immediately - No scripts of any kind
  41. One bank transaction per hour
  42. Losing troops if you can't afford the upkeep
  43. Reset!!
  44. Higher army costs and higher city income
  45. Army Cost Bug - Fixed
  46. Lots of back-end changes
  47. Notes required when sending money to another player
  48. Jewel rate is now fixed
  49. Bank pauses
  50. Oil, Cotton and Diamond rates changed - and fixed
  51. Resource conversion updates
  52. Jewel hunting
  53. Big new jewel changes
  54. Big Oil, Cotton and Diamond changes
  55. Resource changes