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05-14-2007, 06:48 AM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile25387/Town-Destroyed-by-Tornado-Overlay---Greensburg,-Kansas.htm>Town Destroyed by Tornado Overlay - Greensburg, Kansas</a></b><br><br>At 9:45 p.m. CDT on May 4, 2007, Greensburg was hit by an EF5 tornado. The tornado was estimated to be 1.7 miles in width and traveled for nearly 22 miles. Ninety-five percent of the city was confirmed to be destroyed, with the other five percent in severe damage. The National Weather Service estimated winds of the tornado to reach 205 mph. This was the first tornado to ever be rated EF5 since the update of the Fujita scale, and also is the first &quot;5&quot; classification since May 3, 1999, when an F5 tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, as part of the Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak. As of May 8, 2007, eleven fatalities have been attributed to the tornado. Tornado sirens sounded in the city twenty minutes before the tornado struck, and a tornado emergency was issued, which undoubtedly saved many lives.<br><br><img src=http://www.gearthhacks.com/images/new/080505/666602tornado.jpg>

05-14-2007, 06:58 AM
WOW, that's terrible to see a town destroyed by 90% or so by a tornado. We saw it on danish TV but not pictures from above. Poor residents of Greensburg. :hair:

05-14-2007, 09:30 PM
I actually didn't find out about it till I made this file, but I researched more about it, and it really saddens me to see such damage.

08-13-2008, 05:41 PM
This town is slowly rebuilding and doing it completely green. They are trying to rebuild everything using a complete rewnewable resources for building and energy for the town. There is a show on green planet and discovery channel documenting the towns rebuilding.