View Full Version : Google Earth for Research

08-15-2005, 06:30 AM
Adding to the large and growing list of Keyhole/Google Earth uses, the University of Colorado is using it to observe and encourage social creativity. While this is a rather broad topic, the current case study has encorporated it into a tool for urban design. An electronic chess board combined with an electronic whiteboard enable users to sketch and manipulate proposed buildings and then "fly" through them in a virtual walkthrough. More information can be found on the project website (http://l3d.cs.colorado.edu/systems/EDC/PitA-Board/).

Current other simulations include wildfire situational awareness, disaster management, and even virtual soundscapes.

The group is always looking for feedback from those in the community regarding how the technology could utilized to facilitate other activities. Feel free to contact any of the involved parties or list questions in this thread.