View Full Version : To-do list

02-17-2008, 01:59 PM
Add more weapons
Add more spells
Figure out a way for more user interaction
Show more details when you click on a user. In particular, show what they're doing (in a shop, fighting a bear, etc).
Side quests?
A level five zone? Hidden until all other crystals are earned?
Limit the number of items that can be held at once. 6?
Clean up the error messages in the Flash pieces to make them more readable.
Track more statistics for each player (total enemies killed, etc)
Build a leaderboard -- more crystals earned, highest level, most gold, etc
Track recent user activity so the network link can be more inclined to show recently active users.
Raise potion costs by 5
Create a heal spell
Add a "last item used" box
Offer a "six-pack" for items in the store