View Full Version : Network link upgrade

08-13-2005, 11:36 PM
The main "GEHwar - Cities" network link has seen a few more upgrades, which has required a few changes on the main site as well.

- The cities now include a polygon (unchanged from before) as well as a placemark.
- The placemark shows the city name and user name on the map, in the user's chosen color.
- You can click the placemark for more information about that city.
- In the city detail page is a link that says "view city details". That will open up the Google Earth browser so you can attack the city (or whatever else you care to do with it).

Please note that the Google Browser uses a separate set of cookies from your normal browser. This means that the first page you view in there will probably ask you to log-in before you can view the city info. Do that and then you should be good to go.