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07-06-2008, 07:44 PM
This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile30206/2-CV.htm>2 CV</a></b><br><br>A Citoen 2CV covertable in Bremen<br /><br /><img src=http://www.gearthhacks.com/showimage.php?image=112807/4486812cv.jpg>

07-06-2008, 07:45 PM
The 2CV was only made as convertibles. It had the nickname The Driving Umbrella.

07-08-2008, 11:51 AM
The 2CV was only made as convertibles. It had the nickname The Driving Umbrella.

I have never heard that. I know it as "Duck". :yep:

07-08-2008, 12:47 PM
I have never heard that. I know it as "Duck". :yep:

True. In German-speaking countries it's called "Ente" ("duck"), and sometimes "lahme Ente" ("lame duck") — ironically, for its off-road abilities and swinging moves.

Here in Denmark it was called Kørende Paraply (Driving Umbrella) or Hippie Container, "Gyngehest" (Rocking horse); "Studenter-Jaguar" (A students Jaguar) while the cars, amongst 2CV enthusiasts affectionately are called ´De kære små´ (The dear small ones).

In France: Deux Chevaux Vapeur (Two Steam Horses)

In Dutch were the first to call it "het lelijke eendje" ("the ugly duckling") or just "Eend" ("duck").

In Flemish called it "de geit" ("the goat").

In English nicknames include "Tin Snail", "Dolly" and "Upside-down pram".

In the former Yugoslavia the car was called "Spaček" (pronounced "spa-check", Slovenian for "little freak").

In Spanish-speaking countries they were nicknamed "dos caballos", "citrola" or "citroneta" (derived from "Citroën").

In Finland, the 2CV is known as "Rättisitikka" (Finnish for "rag Citroën") because of its canvas roof and in Tunisia they call it "karkassa".

Hungarians call it "Kacsa" (pronounced: "kacha" and also meaning "duck").

In Israel it was called "פחנוע" (Pronounced "pah-noa", meaning "tin car").

In Iceland it was named "Sítróen braggi" (meaning "Citroën Quonset hut").

In Norway the name was "Jernseng", meaning "iron bed".

In Iran it is known as "Jian / Zhian ژیان", which means "Fierce".

In the United States it was known as the "flying rag top". American cartoonist Gilbert Shelton referred to it as the "duh-shuh-vuh".

The most famous in Germany, The POLENTE, as police car.


By the way, may 26th. 2008 it celebrated it's 60th anniversary.

And it was loved even by politicians. The former danish foreign minister, Uffe Ellemann Jensen, had/have one and drove to work at the Danish State Department in his red/white 2CV.

07-08-2008, 09:22 PM
heh! Those are awesome nicknames. :) "hippie container" cracks me up the most I think. Here in the US I think if you said that most folks would think of the old style VW van. :) "Sítróen braggi" is pretty funny too. :D

07-09-2008, 12:05 AM
Here in the US I think if you said that most folks would think of the old style VW van. :)

Much better than the 2CV (mostly bug but...:

Жук (Zhuk) Bug also in Russia (Former Soviet Union)

Coccinelle (ladybird) or Kever in Belgium

"Vocho" or "Vochito" in Mexico

"Fusca" in Brazil

Escarabajo in Argentina

Peta ("turtle") in Bolivia

Folcika in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sedan, then Fusca (popularly, Fusquinha that means Little Fusca) in Brazil
Косτенурка (Kostenurka) (meaning turtle) or Бръмбар (Brambar) (meaning bug) in Bulgaria

Bug, Beetle, Choupette or Coccinelle (ladybug) in Canada

Escarabat (means "beetle") in Catalan

Moncho in Chile

Jiǎ Ké Chóng (甲壳虫) (means "beetle") in China

Cucarron (Scarab), Escarabajo or “Pichirilo” in Colombia.

Buba in Croatia

Brouk in Czech Republic

Boblen (the bubble), Gravid Rulleskøjte (Pregnant Rollerskate) in Denmark

Cepillo ("Brush") in Dominican Republic

Escarabajo or Pichirilo in Ecuador

خنفسة - Pronounced khon-fesa (Beetle in Arabic) in Egypt

Põrnikas (means "beetle") in Estonia

Kuplavolkkari (kupla meaning bubble) in Finland

Coccinelle (ladybug) in France

Буба in the Republic of Macedonia

Jin-guei che (金龜車) in Taiwan

Käfer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Σκαθάρι (Scathari meaning beetle) or Σκαραβαίος (Scaraveos meaning Scarab) in Greece

Cucaracha or Cucarachita (Cockroach or little cockroach) in Guatemala.

Coccinelle (ladybug) in Haiti

Bogár (meaning "bug") in Hungary.

Cucarachita (little cockroach) in Honduras.

Bjalla in Iceland

Kodok (frog) in Indonesia

Folex,(قورباغه ای)means the frog Iran

Agroga عكروكة (froggy) in Iraq

חיפושית ("Hipu****," beetle) or Bimba in Israel

Maggiolino (beetle) or the unofficial name of Maggiolone (can indicate Super Beetle) in Italy

Kabuto-mushi (カブトムシ) (means "drone beetle") in Japan

Kifuu in Kenya

Vabole in Latvia

Vabalas in Lithuania

Kura (turtle) in Malaysia

Sedán, Pulguita (little flea), Vocho or Vochito (sometimes spelled "bocho/bochito") in México

Scoro-Scoro in Namibia

Bhyagute Car in Nepal literally: "Frog Car".

Kever in the Netherlands

Catch Fire in Nigeria

Boble (bubble) in Norway

Foxi or”Foxy” in Pakistan

Escarabajo ("beetle") or Fusca in Paraguay

"Pendong", kotseng kuba (literally, 'hunchback car')

"pagong" (turtle),"Ba-o", turtle in Cebuano dialect "Boks" in the Philippines

Garbus (literally, 'Hunchback') in Poland

Carocha in Portugal

Volky in Puerto Rico

Broasca / Broscuţă (little frog/froggy) or Buburuza (ladybird) in Romania

Буба or Buba in Serbia

Volla - Pronounced Folla in South Africa

Chrobák in Slovakia

Hrošč in Slovenia

Escarabajo ("beetle") in Spain and Latin America

Volks / Beetle/ ibba (turtule) in Sri Lanka

Mgongo wa Chura” (Frog Back) or Mwendo wa Kobe” (Tortoise Speed) in Swahili

Bagge (short for skalbagge, beetle), bubbla (bubble) or folka in Sweden and Finland

Kobe in Tanzania

รถเต่า - Pronounced Rod Tao (turtle car) in Thai

Kaplumbağa or tosbağa (meaning turtle) or "vosvos" in Turkey.

Escarabajo in Venezuela.

con bo in Vietnam

Bhamba datya in Shona - Datya is frog in the vernacular from Zimbabwe

Maricon in Peru

Tortuga in Panama


07-09-2008, 10:00 AM

I read the english Wikipedia too before I answered yesterday. Now it looks to me like you copied the part with the 2CV nicknames to this thread and added your driving umbrella information to it.

From Wikipedia:

"In Denmark, the car has many names: "Gyngehest" (Rocking horse); "Studenter-Jaguar" (A students Jaguar) while the cars, amongst 2CV enthusiasts affectionately are called ´De kære små´ (The dear small ones)."

A google search with "Kørende Paraply" + 2CV leads me only to this forums to this thread, no photo of a 2CV with google image search. A google search with the other nicknames show me the car:

2cv "De kære små" (http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&newwindow=1&q=2cv%20%22Gyngehest%22&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi)

2cv "Gyngehest" (http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&newwindow=1&q=2cv%20%22Gyngehest%22&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi)

Nothing here:2cv "Kørende Paraply" (http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&newwindow=1&q=2cv+%22K%C3%B8rende+Paraply%22&btnG=Suche&meta=)


07-09-2008, 11:41 AM
Because there are more nicknames in the world than the mentioned in Wikipedia. Remember Wikipedia is made by people like you and I, so how should someone from anywhere else in the world know what nickname people give smething in another country exept from asking.

In Germany you also have nicknames for something not mentioned on the Internet. Each region each nickname.

In France it's obviously also called umbrella.

And another ones:

The name Umbrella was given by Citroen-boss Pierre Boulanger 60 years ago and some liked it

By the way, in Sweden it was/is also called Hashmoppen (The Hashish Mop), found in Wikipedia. :)