View Full Version : Log In for Download - Error

08-18-2005, 10:54 AM
I want to download some Google-Earth-Hacks-Files, but it doesn´t work. Everytime i get the message: "You must log-in to be able to download this file.
You can register (for free!) by clicking here, or you can log-in with your existing account here."
When i go to the second "here" (i have an existing account), i type in my username and my password. Then i get the message: "Thank you for logging in, Manabu."
When i return to the file, i would like to download, nothing changed. I get the same message and i could start the same procedure.
Could sombody help me?

08-18-2005, 11:39 AM
Maybe it's an issue concerning your cookies? Are they somehow blocked?

08-18-2005, 11:46 AM
Manabu, this could also be one of two problems on your end..

a) once you log in, dont click back.. you will be logged out again... this is the case with most sites once you pass the login screen.. try logging in, clicking the GEH logo to return to the index, and find your file :) - also, if you have multiple windows open before you log in, you will not be logged in on the other windows (or tabs) it will only log you in in the window you log in to.

b) as Steeefan said, it may be a cookie problem.. try erasing your cookies and logging back in.. if that still doesnt work it is most likey a problem on our end - in which case I'm sure Mickey will read this as soon as he surfaces, and will get to fixing it ASAP :D

Just out of curiosity, what browser do you use? if its IE, try downloading firefox and see if it works in there.. if you are already a firefox user (in which case i congradulate you!) try using IE and see if the problem still occurs in the other browser - this is a quick way to see if its your end or ours that is having the technical issues :cool:

Hope this helped!