View Full Version : A few of my thoughts

08-18-2005, 01:40 PM
Just a few of my thoughts on features that can be added to the game.

1) You can set up a "commodities" type market that allows users to trade oil for other natural resources, such as coal, lumber, steel, etc. This would probably not be needed until the game advances to the point where we set up our own economies and such. Of course, we would need more natural resources first.

2) I like the idea of being able to "spy" on your enemies by paying a fee. However, I think that everyone should also have the option of purchasing "spy protection" similar to the protection offered by nuke shields. I would also suggest making the cost of spying and spy protection relatively high. You want people to think twice before shelling out a ton of Geo's for what could be potentially bad information. Also, you should have to purchase spy information and protection on a city-by-city basis and not all the information on a user. Or maybe give the option of city or user information, making the user level much more expensive.

3) I think the nuke radiation should take longer than an hour to clear. Perhaps 24-48 hours?? Make it to where nukes are a weapon of last resort and not an easy way to take over a city.

Just a few thoughts on what is already a pretty good game.