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08-20-2005, 03:15 PM
I moved army number 1700 into Oslo, and received confirmation of the move. I did it with 1701 too. However, neither Oslo nor my inventory of armies changed (neither of these were my armies)

I'm only wondering what might have happened to the owners of those other two armies. When I go to look for these armies' details, I get "Error: Army data not found".

So I try details for 1702, and get "Error: This is not your army." So I try to move it into Oslo, and get "That army has been moved into that city." I then go back to see details for army 1702, and get "Error: This is not your army." Hmm. That's different than the results I got for the other two. But maybe those armies didn't originally exist -- perhaps I'd have received the "data not found" error even before trying to move 'em.

Lo, I think that's the case. Because I go to look at Oslo, and now "Nilla35907 (1293 troops)" is in Oslo. This army (1702) does not show up in my armies list (thus the error that it is not my army). It doesn't show up as an army I can remove, either. So I use a GET method to try to remove army 1702 from the city -- and it works. He's gone. I have no idea where he went . . .

I try 1702 again (into Oslo), and no luck. I try 1703. It swears it succeeded -- but nothing shows up in the city. I get a "data not found" eror when trying to view that army. So I try 1704 -- success! And, yup -- there's "Lukepuuk93025 (100 troops)" in Oslo.

So I withdraw all of my troops from the city, leaving only Lukepuuk's army there. It still shows up as my city, with me in control of it. So now I'm going to see what happens when I abandon the city . . .

OK, it took the city away from me, and showed it as unoccupied. I just took it back again, and Lukepuuk's army is no longer in it. Dunno where he is . . .

OK, enough mischief for the day. Best of luck.

08-20-2005, 03:59 PM
After your last round of "hacking", I knew that those pages would be vulnerable as well - I just hadn't fixed them yet.

They should be secure now. Keep trying! :)