View Full Version : Organizing views of things

08-21-2005, 07:05 AM
It's a bit of a problem. As you provide more data visually, you end up committing to decisions because of the need to "tree" the KML.

It'd be nice to have cities under players in the hierarchy, so it'd be easy to turn on cities for only specific players. It's a nightmare to go easter-egg hunting for who owns what. I'd originally thought it might be worth having two redundant but differently hierarched city folders, but that approach would get impractical because the need would always arise.

Is there any way you could make this a preferences thing, Mickey? I reckon about now you're creating one KML for everyone. Could you create a KML for each person? If so, the preferences page (the one for city presentation and such) could specify the hierarchy a user might want to have in their places tree. I could click a radio button for "display players at top level in the city tree" and just my network link would be that way.

This would provide not only a persistent preference per-player, but if I wanted to view things differently I could change the setting as a kind of clumsy ad hoc exception, and refresh the tree in GE.

Man, I wish Google would let re-shuffling the hierarchy on network links be some dynamic property of the root.