View Full Version : City value and attack types

08-22-2005, 04:33 AM
It would be good if we could do something to improve the cities we hold. Now, I'm fine with Dallas the way it is, but I could see paying for improvements (infrastructure, public works, quality of life, etc.) to increase the value of that city. Since the values for scoring purposes are now solely based on population, it would mean working in some of the other "city value" suggestions that were thrown out here for it to really make sense.

Example: You collect 4.00 Geos per day in taxes for holding New York City with its base value, 1.0. If you spend 250 Geos for improvements, the value of the city increases to 1.5 and you are able to collect 6.00 Geos per day.

Some rascal (I didn't say Rasqual) then wants to take New York, so he nukes it. When he is finally able to get in there, the value of the city is 25% its normal value, so until he spends a boatload in improvements, he only earns 1 Geo per day.

That brings up the subject of attack types (I know, it's been talked about a few times, but that's why we're here, right? :)) -- I'd like to have options other than "normal" troops and nukes: air strikes, insurgents/guerillas, blockades, etc. It would be good to have ways of taking a city other than nukes or brute force.