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09-29-2009, 09:33 PM
I would like to know when Google maps is going to get more street view. I would like to know by date exactly when they are going to update more imagery. Like in Connecticut, where Litchfield County is located, there is hardly any blue street view outline there at all. Mostly along route 8 near Winsted though and it is also on Route 7. This street view keeps going on route 7 and then it stops right at Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I mean this is not good. Most of Berkshire county does not have street view at all! Just mostly on only on the Mass Pike, which is route 90. So this should definetly be covered by street view already. I also would like to see street view added in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in also Gettysburg. Because I would like to see what these areas look like a lot! Also, I would like to know on how to use the street view overlay for Google code. Please explain to me the easy way on how to do this process step by step so this way I could see what places have street view that is in blue outline or even maybe there is a way to add more street view imagery to the map on my own! Who knows? Like when I go to the Google code page and read all of the street view codes, I don't get these codes at all! I don't even understant what they mean. Oh well. But you should be able to let me know on how to do this process for me with no problem at all. By the way, there is this really good street view blog site. And this blog site is called "I Can't Believe It's Not In Street View!" That is what it is called. And the name of this blog sounds quite funny too. This blog site is good, except that the street view news hardly changes on the site, and it is mostly the same. Oh well! And it says that Canada is coming for Google street view on October 13, 2009. But this is only a prediction. This means it really won't happen. And that is not good at all. And Mexico, the country is going to be released by street view too. But I don't think this is not going to happen for a long time, which is not good at all! These street view imageries may come next year in 2010. I bet there are some other sites that have Connecticut street view or more U.S. street view coverage. Can you please let me know about this if there are any other links or not? I would really appreciate that very much from you. And also, can you give me some really good street view website links that are from the U.S.? Because I am really tired and sick of Google street view a lot! I mean I really know that they have so much coverage already, but there has to be more sites that have street view in them, and that is for sure, I know that. Well anyway, don't forget to get back to me soon and let me know how to use the Street view overlay the quick and easy way. So thanks a lot! :yep: :(

09-29-2009, 11:36 PM
There are these things called paragraphs that would make it much easier to understand what you are asking.

Bottom line is this. Google is the only source of street view imagery. Only Google knows the answers to your questions and you will never get them to answer them so I suggest you sit back, relax and be patient. Also, this website is not affiliated with Google.