View Full Version : Parson's Crater & Pic remove

11-08-2009, 08:36 AM
I am looking for Parsons Crater. It is supposed to be a star shaped crater on the Dark Side of the Moon. ( But reports of it's star shape varies)

It was named for Jack Parsons a father of modern rocket science.

It's coordinates are: 3718′N 17112′W / 37.3N 171.2W

I may just be inputting the coordinates wrong but the search bar doesn't even show parsons as a listing.

EDITED Later: I found it.. sorry.. I was typing "Parsons crater" and it just wanted "Parsons" in the search field.

Also, I want to look at the moon not silly pictures. I have unchecked all the extras so they will not show but on the Moon the picture of the Apollo 17 ( and other such pictures) is still there on top of the real terrain. Of course you can tell it is not to scale. I want to remove this silly picture to see what's under it. How do I do that?