View Full Version : Monhegan Island, from Lighthouse Hill to surrounding seafloor.

Ron Huber
02-10-2010, 02:23 AM
Friends, there is an effort to protect scenic offshore islands of national and global significance from inappropriately sited offshore energy projects (those close enough to add mechanical spinning motion to the visual seascape of such islands and infrasound into the waters).

Having three dimensional models of these islands and the bathymetry of their surrounding waters, will be extremely helpful in understanding and evaluating with some precision the degree of impact, low or high, significant or insignificant. Knowledge can then advance.

One such island is Monhegan, perched out in the Gulf of Maine off the mouth of Penobscot Bay, in its third century of visitation by artists of all media, drawn to its granite splendors, its wild menageries of sea-, shore- and land-birds. its hazy view west of the North American continent splayed out before it, its To south and east: views untrammelled to the curvature of our planet. To the north, Isle au Haut and Matinicus far off.

But Google Earth has the most dreadful graphics of Monhegan and its surrounding waters. In GE the island is surrounded by a donut of opacity, then a small amount of bathymetry, then a quiltwork of unmapped areas. Can something be done? The inner Gulf of Maine should not be so poorly mapped on Google Earth. The bathymetric data is all out there in NOAA data bases. Were I not disabled I should puzzle it out myself and add it.

Please help! Generations of landscape artists present and into the future will bless you.

Again, what I seek is 3 D mapping of Monhegan, and bathymetry of the waters around the island, especially a 2 mile wide swath from the south side of Monhegan to Maine's offshore territorial boundary three miles southward from Monhegan.
See this image at lin (http://penbay.org/monhegan/monhegantestmap.jpg)k for details area of bathymetric interest. (Blue line = state/federal boundary)

If video of the roads and trails of Monhegan were added to Google Earth, too, that would be a great thing for our Earth..