View Full Version : Smartboard and Google Earth Problem

03-05-2010, 10:05 PM
I have downloaded Google Earth onto a classroom eMac at my school. However, on the SMART Board, I can only use the mouse to control the software. It will not operate via the SMART Board, even though the navigation controls appear, when I press on the Board over them.

I did find this instruction on a search that took me to an eHow website:

"Click on the left mouse key on the Smart Tray (located at the top right of the interactive screen). The cursor icon in Google Earth will change from an open hand to a closed hand. To move the view, place your finger on the screen and pull the image as if you are turning an actual globe."

However, I don't have a "left mouse key on a Smart Tray" anywhere, let alone at the top right of the interactive screen! The cursor icon only changes from an open to a closed hand when I use the mouse.

I also found a video of some Australian kids successfully navigating with their fingers on an interactive board, but it didn't say how.

Is anybody familiar with this issue or have a fix? Thanks