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08-23-2005, 12:44 AM
I was just thinking.... yes, I try to do this in moderation.

This is a wonderful site and the moderators do a wonderful job!

The FAQ is very helpful and maybe deliberately there is no
hard-line section on "etiquette." But here are some things that
I've wondered about and didn't want to get on the wrong side
of anyone:
* Is double-posting (not on the same site, but GEH and somewhere
else) regarded as double-dipping? Is there a recommended way
to do it (maybe pointing to a file page)?
* People who post in other languages might be encouraged to
go ahead, as long as a long post is translated into English,
since this site regards it as the Lingua Franca. I personally
like to try my hand at translating a little. Short posts in
another language shouldn't be any problem, as long as there is
enough context to understand it. Yes, the reader can go ahead
and google-translate it, but that's kind of unfriendly and us
lazy readers tend to be left out of the clique.
But whoa, these are my thoughts; I leave it to the moderators.
* Any words on thread-starters rating their own posts or
file uploaders rating their own?

Other thoughts.... (this is turning into a kind of blog post).
* How about starting a thread category: "Projects" For example,
I'd like to see:
- Concert locations and times for a group or artist. This
does come close to a no-no: using posts to promote a business,
but maybe not if you're just a fan.
- Travel book paths. I did a couple that are posted. It has
made reading the books a much richer experience!
- Hacking projects involving driving GE with other applications.
There have been a few links to other sites that have been
checking this out.
* I'd really like to see more "editing-time", since I make too many
embarassing mistakes that I'd like to go back and correct.
(this post is a case in point.)
I can't do this in real-life, but it would be really nice to be able
to do it here!
* Threads that get started and look promising get quickly buried by
new posts that appear more recently. I can't think of a good way
around this, except to keep posting to push the post up. But maybe
I'm just getting the word that my interests aren't all that interesting
to most others.
* I'd personally like to see a page with links to articles and blogs about GEH.

* Some acronyms for the GEH dictionary:
- PEMPE: please excuse my poor English
- PEMPLA: please excuse my poor language abilities
- MAFAIR: my apologies for absolutely inexcusable rudeness
- MAYFAIR: (Texas version: add y'all)
- SHMEP: Somebody help me please!

Well, back to moderation...

08-23-2005, 06:37 AM
Are you trying to set a record for the longest post? ;-)

All great suggestions and I will try to address them (gotta go to work soon).

Double posting: This is probably unavoidable; the moderators on this site do their utmost to avoid duplicate file submissions, but some may slip through. As for double posting from other sites, this is unavoidable and almost uncheckable for us. I've done it at times but have always linked/referred to the original post on keyhole.

Rating: good suggestion. I also favor that thread starters and file submitters are not able to rate their own submissions. I'm not sure if this is implementable.

Projects: The "Great things you've found" forum can be used for this.

Editing time: It's set at 15 minutes. This should be long enough; if it is longer responses may already have been posted.

Threads: I'm afraid this is unavoidable. What you may consider interesting others may not. If you like a thread you can subscribe to it (thread tools pull down menu).

GEH Links: Who will maintain this?

Acronyms: Great suggestions!! I'd like to add a few more :-)
- LIUIG: Look it up in Google
- INAUIAR: It's not a UFO, It's a reflection
- YAP: Yet another plane
- WANG: We're not Google

08-23-2005, 02:31 PM
Mox nix und wasimmer.
(Pennsylvania deutsch: no problem....whatever)

Now I see there was a recent post about editing time
moving up to 15 minutes. I'll live with it. I sometimes
wish there were a replay button on my life.

GEH Links: Who will maintain this?

Good point. I was just thinking that the links page might
also contain links to these interesting interviews and
articles, in the interest of self-promotion (guests checking
out the site).

WFYB : whatever floats your boat