View Full Version : I would like to know on how to create a trail view layer on Google Earth or maps

10-07-2010, 10:27 PM
I was just wondering on how to go down certain trails around the U.S.
Because I know that there has to be a way to do it, but it's probably
very complicated because I have to put in some codes. So please just
explain to me on how to do this process for me, the easy way step-by-
step so I really understand on how to do it. So I already know on how
to use just the street view.

But for example like when I am in Connecticut, I see some trails in
the street view images. Like there is this long trail that starts out
in Farmington, CT and it ends like somewhere near Waterbury. But the
main problem is this. Like when I am right near this trail in the
street view. I can't go down the trail. It won't let me do it for some
reason. And that's not good at all. But I mean there has got to be a
certain kind of way to go down this trail and also I would love to go
down other trails as well. So please help me out here on this problem
that I am having. Because I would really love to go down the hiking
trails just like the street view works.

Now there is especially one hiking trail that I really like, and this
one is in Simsbury, Connecticut. This hiking trail is located at the
Hublein Tower trail in Simsbury, CT. Now I would really like to see
what it would be like to go down this trail. Because I always love to
hike on this hiking trail a lot. But when I leave the Hublein Tower
trail, I really miss it. So I would really like to know on how to
create this code to make all of the trails show up on Google maps and
also work in Google street view. Then I would be really happy indeed!
And I mean there has got to be a way to do this, but I do not have any
idea on what all these codes mean. So you're going to have to explain
it all to me, so I really understand it, so I can create any view that
I want. Because that would defiantly make me feel happy inside. You
know what i'm saying? And also there are much more trails like in some
parks in Connecticut that I want to create and view the trails just
like the street view.

Now the other hiking trail that I really enjoy is located at the West
Hartford reservoir in West Hartford, Connecticut. And this reservoir
is located right off route 4 in West Hartford, just before the
Farmington and West Hartford line. They have route 4 in street view,
but I cannot seem to go into the entrance of the reservoir on the
street view. It won't let me. And I cannot even access any trails
either through the street view at the reservoir. But when I create all
those strange codes into the street view images url, I bet that I will
be able to down any trail that I please. Man, this is so awesome. I
just hope that this works for me, that's all I am saying to you.

And there is this other very long trail located in West Hartford right
off route 44 before Avon, CT. This trail is called the Metacomet
Trail. And it's located at Reservoir number 6 on route 44. And this
trail goes all the way up the Massachusetts border and it stops right
at the end of Connecticut. I know this because I mapped it in my
street atlas. So I really want to know on how to create this trail by
using those codes for it. All right? But the bottom line is that I
really want to view almost any trail around the U.S. Because that
would make me feel so happy.

And now here is a cool thing too that Google Earth has as a plugin.
It is like a Train View that shows the tracks of a train. And it makes
you feel like you are riding on a train. And this is a very neat
feature too that Google Earth. They still have this plugin, but they
do not have it in all parts of the U.S., which is not good at all. So
I wonder if there is a way to create more train views. I bet that
there is a certain way to do it, but it will be complicated.

Well anyway, sorry for this long letter, but I am trying to make a
point here on what I am saying to you. I mean there has got to be a
way to create trail views on Google maps street view and also on
Google Earth street view too. So please get back to me as soon as
possible and let me know much more about this stuff because it's very
important to me. So that's all I want to know I guess for now. And let
me know much more about this stuff when you get back to me. So don't
forget to get back to me as soon as you can. So thanks a lot. And I
will be waiting for my response back from you! I also broke up my
letter into paragraphs so that it would make it much easier to read
for you. So there you have it! :D :(

10-11-2010, 07:23 PM
Thanks for the paragraphs. I just felt like responding so that you don't feel like you're being ignored. Truth be told, I'm a bit confused on what you're asking for. From what I understand, you wish streetview covered hiking trails as well. The reason they don't is simple: they don't have the time, interest, or ability to. Let me explain:

As a note: In case you didn't know, street view works by taking a vehicle (car, bike, or in some cases walking [Antarctica]) mounting a camera on top, and snapping constant 360 degree photos as it moves.

First of all, there must be millions of hiking trails. There's tons of miles of roads, but the amount of trails far exceeds the number of roads: since trails can go any number of places roads can't. Because of this, it would take much too long (we're talking like 10000s of manhours) to cover the trails.

Also, interest is a factor. There are certainly hikers that would like to know trails and dangers of the trail they plan to walk (but isn't the entire point of hiking to discover the unknown?), but I feel like people's interest in mapped trails in streetview is insignificantly small compared to the time and money it would take to map the trails.

Ability. Trails can be flat, windy, overgrown, etc. This means it can be incredibly difficult to maneuver a huge camera around. You need to avoid tripping on roots, falling down, destroying plant and animal-life, etc.

It technically IS possible to do so, but I doubt Google will put the time and money into the project. If they do, don't expect it anytime soon (10 years is high hopes).

It would be nice though.