View Full Version : arial photos November 1944 Alsdorf - Mariadorf (Germany)

10-30-2010, 04:15 PM
The fields between Alsdorf and Mariadorf (near Aachen, Germany)
had seen furious battles between US and German forces in October - November 1944.
I am doing research on the events of that period.
There are two arial photos numbered 1113 and 1116 available,
both are placed on google-earth.
please see attachment.
However there is a gap between the photos,
and this is just the center battle field of those days.
My question :
- where can I find an arial photo which covers that gap ?
thanks for help

P.S. photo number 1113 (Mariadorf) (right) is from :
photo number 1116 (Alsdorf) (left) was purchased