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08-23-2005, 10:24 PM
Google Earth is a great tool and is fairly intuitive for the average computer user. Nonetheless, there are always issues you need help with. On this forum we try to help you as much as we can. Additionally, you can find many of the answers in the online help (http://www.keyhole.com/GoogleEarthHelp/GoogleEarth.htm) from Google Earth.

From that help site here are direct links to some of the most commonly asked questions:
Adding a placemarker on your globe (http://www.keyhole.com/GoogleEarthHelp/Getting_Started/Creating_A_New_Placemark.htm)
Saving placemarks (http://www.keyhole.com/GoogleEarthHelp/Places/Saving_Places_Data.htm)
Creating overlays (http://www.keyhole.com/GoogleEarthHelp/Overlays/Creating_and_Image_Overlay.htm)
Showing or hiding places and overlays (http://www.keyhole.com/GoogleEarthHelp/Places/Showing_and_Hiding_Places_Data.htm)

For all of us that are curious to know when high resolution imagery becomes available for a certain area:
Quote from Google:

Not all cities are covered in high resolution (where you can see individual buildings and cars) detail. We have more imagery of the United States than other countries currently. And because the imagery comes from a variety of sources, and is mosaic-ed together, it is difficult for us to specify the date of a city or region (a single city may have imagery taken from different months). We are adding high resolution coverage continually, but we are not able to tell you when a specific area will be covered. The best way to find out if your area of interest is covered is to download the free version of Google Earth and check it out for yourself (Google Earth, Google Earth Plus, and Google Earth Pro share access to the same database).Visual representation of coverage (http://earth.google.com/data.html)

Feel free to ask for more help.

06-26-2008, 07:16 PM
Seeing as there have been multiple requests as to how to upload placemarks...

1. Get up your ‘find’ in GE exactly as you want us to see it.
2. Click Add / Placemark
3. Type a title, perhaps a description, perhaps drag the placemark to a more appropriate position, perhaps click the yellow-pin icon and choose a more appropriate one.
4. Click OK.
5. Do File / Save / Save Place As. Click Save and your placemark is on your hard disk.
6. Come here and ‘Post Reply’.
7. Type your message.
8. In ‘Additional Options’ click ‘Manage Attachments’.
9. In the pop-up window click ‘Browse’ and navigate to your saved placemark; click ‘Open’.
10. Click ‘Upload’ and close the pop-up.
11. Click ‘Submit Reply’.

(Thanks Tom Baldwin for the walk-thru)