View Full Version : Displaying the names of the points together with the line that connects them

05-19-2011, 12:20 PM
I have an asp.net application and I implement Google Earth in it. I drow have a list of points and I drow a line of them in Google Earth. I use multigeometry to render the line and the points together. My problem is how can I define different style for the points and the line, i.e. I want the points to be displayed not like yellow baloon icon, but for example red point, or similar, and the line to be in some other color. How can I show the names of the points also? If I put the names they don't show, since I use multigeometry. Or is it better to make some event and to show a baloon with a description about the points, and can anybody help me with this, or reffer me to a site for an example please?
Thank you in advance.