View Full Version : Can you save the data stream for viewing Earth imagery off-line? Stream it once.

10-13-2011, 05:47 AM
Thank you Earth experts, for your help here. I would like to know how you can save the data that is delivered when navigating a particular region (like your county or state) so you would not have to have a live connection to re-view or re-visit it. GPS devices (like DeLorme) have satellite imagery as maps you can buy/download, but I want the navigation platform of Google earth (rotation, tilt especially). It also takes too much time and bandwith to stream large areas down to the the best resolution. Can you save the data that is delivered, so that you have it saved on your computer to view anytime and everytime you may want to look at the same area again? I record "streaming" audio and video regularly, just wondering if you can do it with Earth data too. Thanks, Brad