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time traveler 177th
08-28-2012, 01:58 PM
I was wondering if anyone can get a clear view of this site. In 1984 Charles Berlitz wrote a book called " atlantis the eighth continent ". On page 117 he wrote that on dec. 30 1975 landsat II an ERTS satellite took a photo at about 13 degrees south latitude and 71 30' degrees west longitude over the jungles of southeastern Peru. He even included the original photo. In the photo can be seen several "dots". Upon closer examination ( a fly over by a low flying helicopter ) revealed they were 6 enormous pyramids ( photo's which were also included in the book ). But the thick jungle and local natives who considered them sacred didn't allow for further exploration on the ground. I never could find anything about them on the net. I tried google earth and when I got the photo it looked like the area had been cleared but I couldn't zoom in and get any detail. Am I doing something wrong? Or are they hiding an important site?