View Full Version : Google Earth won't start up in XP

10-02-2013, 05:46 PM
Google Earth will not start on my XP machine, I get an error message and link to the page that explains about crashes caused by Graphics errors. I have tried opening it in DirectX and OpenGL mode. I've tried updating the driver for my video card (Radeon Sapphire X300). I've tried updating my DirectX drivers. I've tried deleting the MyPlaces files. I've tried uninstalling Google Earth and reinstalling. I've tried uninstalling Google Earth, deleting every file and folder I can find which has Google Earth in the title, then reinstalling. I've checked that the site isn't being blocked by my firewall or router. It might be just a coincidence, but I downloaded a piece of DVD ISO file burning software from the author's own website (well known), and found that I had been given a little present of a very invasive and persistent DeltaSearch feature in Mozilla, which I have now eradicated, except for one little problem which is a complaint that NTRedirect.dll cannot be found when I reboot. Ever since then, I have been unable to use Google Earth. I've looked on various forums, and found people with similar problems, but never found a cure. Any ideas, anyone?