View Full Version : Google Earth for Android upgrade, display KML file

02-17-2014, 03:15 AM
Google Earth for Android has just been upgraded to version 6.2 , brings several new options for the user experience , in particular like to see the additional maps ( KML file , which displays the image in the form of a coating on the inside to provide geographical information ) . Since this new version , when users browse the web and click a link to a KML file , the application will automatically open and download the KML file map contained in it . Google Earth Gallery was also present for mobile applications , allowing users to easily browse through some of the best maps in the application immediately . For example, the map can see earthquakes around the world in real time , provided by the American Meteorological agency . New version of Google Earth for iOS will be available in the near future.

Some other new features can be listed as College Basketball Tournament , see the location of the basketball tournaments student , Everytrail help see the journey was recorded by a dedicated GPS device . For Android users , Google added the " Share " , which allows users to share screenshots Google Earth through Google+ , Gmail or other applications . The orientation , instruction in Google Earth 6.2 has also been improved .