View Full Version : Question In Capturing A 50 Square Mile Area To Be Able To Zoom Into Offline

03-18-2014, 12:35 AM
Hi all,

First time poster due to my bad luck of capturing Google Images on my laptop. I thought I had it whipped by placing pushpins all over the entire area I wanted to capture, this being a good 50 square mile area and be able to zoom into Google Earth while out Gold Mining away from any internet connection. I had closed my connection at home to try it. Once I shut the computer down and rebooted in the field I realize what was saved was the last few areas I had visited while online at home viewing Google Earth. I also had changed in settings, Tools, Options, Cache to the max. settings of 1024 - 2048.

So is there anything I can do to help my cause while offline and in the field?