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This is a discussion thread for the following file:<br><br><b><a href=http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile10800/Kirtland-Underground-Munitions-Storage-Complex,-Albuquerque,-New-Mexico.htm>Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex, Albuquerque, New Mexico</a></b><br><br>Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex (KUMSC)<br />
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This is the biggest underground storage for nuclear weapons in the world. More than 3,000 warheads are stored there. If you zoom in, you can see many gates which lead to the storage complex in the mountain range. And you can also see that the complete area is fenced around several times on a broad stripe.<br /><br /><img src=http://www.gearthhacks.com/showimage.php?image=new/080505/638377missile.jpg>

01-03-2016, 03:16 AM
The location you identified is Manzano Base, also known as Site Able It was activated Feb 22,1952 but not completed until 1961. It was deactivated June, 1992.

From Wikimapia: " The Manzano Weapons Storage Area [Manzano WSA] at KAFB consists of four plants inside Manzano Mountain (used primarily for research activities) and 122 magazines, of which 81 are earth covered and 41 are tunneled into the mountainside. Type D facilities are tunneled into the mountainside, which provides significant earth overburden protection from penetrating aircraft. As many as 35 magazines have overburden greater than nine meters (30 feet) and are potentially available for pit storage.

Type D facilities are tunneled into the mountainside, which provides significant earth overburden protection. As many as 35 magazines have overburden greater than nine meters (30 feet). Type D magazines have access tunnels that vary in length from 20 meters to over 30 meters (65 feet to over 100 feet). The main chambers are approximately 19 meters (61 feet) long. In addition, the main chambers are protected by two vault-like steel doors at both ends of the access tunnel.

In June 1992, the Manzano Weapons Storage Area (WSA) was deactivated, including deactivation of the Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Alarm System, and Phillips Laboratory assumed responsibility for its maintenance. SNL continues to provide minimum security, although the Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Alarm System was deactivated with the termination of the main mission in 1992. Some of the old tunnels and vaults in the Manzanos still serve as storage. The Manzano WSA is currently being used in part for storage of a variety of items such as furniture and document boxes."

Wikimapia is not completely correct, only Plant 1 & 2 are located inside the mountain, and were very extensive. The plants had facilities for Assemble/Disassembly, Maintenance and Capsule Storage Vaults. They were also allocated as a presidential emergency relocation center/ command post for President Eisenhower. It retained this function until the advent of thermonuclear weapons, by which time it was no longer regarded as a survivable site. Plants 3 & 4 were located along the Western side near the fence road.

What you were trying to identify was the Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex (KUMSC) which is underground, located to the west of Manzano @ 35deg 00' 33"N 106deg 32' 56"W you will note the two long ramps to the underground bunker.