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01-25-2016, 10:00 PM
I have been working with GPS files for airplane tours in Google Earth since April 2015. I have posted a number of files on my personal web site that can be downloaded to let folks travel along with my actual GPS files, and the ones I created for the first woman to fly around the world in 1964. She is Jerrie Mock from Ohio.

In doing these files, I had to correct for errors in the elevation data at various airports. I have edited my GPS files to "fly over" the ripples in the runway at places like Dawson Creek Airport in Canada, and MItchell, South Dakota. These types of errors exist many places in the Google Earth elevation data base which give the 3D representation for the hills, mountains, buildings, trees, etc.

Under options in Google Earth, I selected TOURING and set the camera range to the minimum of 10 meters. This puts the camera view point of the Google Earth camera at a distance of 32.8 feet behind my GPS antenna in the front window of my airplane. In normal flight, that is no big deal. When I taxi the airplane into a small paved area near the end of the runway and turn the airplane around, the camera is swinging around behind the airplane out back of the plane over the grass and not duplicating what I see from my seat in the airplane.

The "HACK" I would love to find is how to reduce the camera range in the Google Earth Options page so the slider will go DOWN to only ONE (1) meter. It would give a more realistic view of ground operations of my airplane in the Google Earth simulations.

If you want to learn about Jerrie Mock and try out some Google Earth flights, go to my web site and follow these links:

Home Page: http://www.n2prise.org/index.htm

Google Earth GPS flight tour files: http://www.n2prise.org/GEtours.htm

Setting Google Earth options for flight tours: http://www.n2prise.org/FlyGoogle.htm

Jerrie Mock menu page about her 1964 solo flight around the world: http://www.n2prise.org/gfmenu.htm

I hope you enjoy the Google Earth rides along with me, Jerrie Mock, and my friends who flew a Cessna 182 to Anchorage, Alaska from Chattanooga, Tennessee: http://www.n2prise.org/wakmenu.htm

I look forward to any questions and replies you may have.

Thank you,

Jerry Thorne
Palm Bay, Florida

05-03-2016, 08:18 AM
Nice info..thanks!!!