View Full Version : Make it harder to get nukes.

08-30-2005, 07:55 PM
If or whenever this game comes out of beta, I think it should be harder to get nukes. Therefore there would be less need for nuke shields. The fact that nuke shields are almost an essential does not reflect the real world. In the real world, of course there are many treaties that make it non-essential, but the development of nukes is even harder. Currently, there are max 10 countries in the world with nukes. Remember, these ten is roughly out of 200 odd countries in the world. Plus, with the prices of nuke shields, the ones that come out on top are those who use scripts (effectively cheating) and those with enough time to hunt for jewels (the biggest source of income- for most users anyway). Of course, the changes could be made to the beta version, but some people would have nukes from before the changes were made (if the game was changed at all)