View Full Version : How to come out of beta

08-31-2005, 04:21 PM
I move that Mickey give an enormous number of Geos to some lucky underdog who's shown humility and patience (as evidenced by some peculiar qualities Mickey might discern in their activity amid the hubub), and tell them, basically, to take over the planet and have fun doing it.

It'll be a secret to the rest of us who that is -- and even when it happens. Let the apocalypse be our only warning that the beta is officially over.

If the designee is smart they'll do it in a subtle enough way that we won't see it coming until the catastrophe is upon us.

Mickey, if this sounds like fun, see to it that his Geos are big enough to annihilate everyone 20 times over. ;-)

Furthermore, Mickey, please don't respond in this thread at all. Let it become a matter of speculation whether you've even read this post, much less considered the suggestion. ;-)

08-31-2005, 05:47 PM

I like that idea.

Consider it seconded.

08-31-2005, 07:18 PM

I just realized something. Mickey will be one of the few developers who could then say, with a SMILE on his face, that his beta ended in apocalypse.


09-09-2005, 11:22 PM
Yea I love that idea. Consider it 3rdeded :whoa: