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07-08-2005, 03:38 PM
Here are two interesting places in the Dallas, Texas area. I didn't find them, I got the locations from another G-Earth forum (but I like this forum better!)

The zip file contains two .kmz files. DFW.kmz will take you to the north end of the west runways at the Dallas Ft. Worth airport. You will see a plane departing and the shadow of the plane.

Now the cool part - scroll north and you will see the same plane and it's shadow again! Go even further north (you will need to zoom out a bit) and you will see the plane and shadow a third time. Further north shows the shadow two more times.

The second file is named Downtown_Dallas.kmz. Look at the building above and below the placemark - you see the south and west side of one building, and the building across the street shows the north and west sides.

Now - who can tell me why both of my placemarks come into G-Earth with the name description of "DFW.kmz"? And why does one placemark show up without a name (that is what I wanted) and the other placemark does have a name next to the icon?

11-17-2006, 04:17 AM
Yes, Very interesting indeed ( about Dallas ) .. I have seen in WMapia now ,Will see in GE later ( now I am behind firewall ).
But the interesting thing is that all the aircrafts are actually in a precise N-S line whereas the shadows move Westward as we take more and more Northern planes.
Also the distance between subsequent planes is also precisely equal.

Definitely needs to be studied further in detail.


11-17-2006, 04:40 AM
Later I have seen the date of earlier post. It is Aug 2005.

If it has already been discussed earlier then please ignore my input.

It popped out with following link:

Google Earth Hacks Forums > General > Great things you've found


11-17-2006, 02:41 PM
This frame seems to have been acquired with multiple shots therefore the moving objects are seen repeatedly at different locations.

The plane must be rising after takeoff so the shadow is moving away from the plane in successive snapshots.

Even the fast moving vehicles are seen two times. See the vehicles marked in attachments. They are repeated.
Other vehicles which are in the frames are repeating ( see red vehicle etc. )