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09-08-2005, 02:35 AM
some people in the fourms are complaining about people with large armies. I on the other hand dont really care, but i get to make a suggestion.

How about some sort of tax system when converting goods to geos ? if you have millions of people in an army (or millons of armys of one) they need upkeep, keep their guns (or whatever) supplied with ammo (or repair their weps), keep fed, send money home to their famly and whatnot (think warcraftIII). so how about whenever somone converts stuff to geos, it pulls some of that money away to drop into the armies (mutch like the way the excange rate on stuff depends on the supply, the tax would be dependant on the number of troops.)? this would help to add a wee bit of balence, the poor 3rd world nations with armies of 300 or so people would be taxed less and can continue to try to wittle down the World super powers, while the superpowers would encounter some trouble trying to renforce their current armies.

I would like to keep it farly rudementary, as it would be more realistic to slowly drain money out of your funds for an upkeep cost, but i think it would take some of the fun out of the game.

feel free to poke holes in my suggestion...... about now.