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09-13-2005, 08:04 AM
Not sure if this has been touted before, but i just had a quick thought i had last night bout how the scoreboard could possibly be imporved to provide a more accurate story of the games better players. I mean a player can be sitting top one minute and the next after a couple of attacks be down near the bottom!

How about points being accumulated over time rather than taken from the current situation i.e. you would earn points per 5mins/hour you occupy a city and the points would be a percentage of the cities population? Hence all cities become even more useful in their capture. And this ensures that a more a stable leaderboard exists and genuine progress in the game requires work.

the idea probably needs tweaked etc but thought i'd throw the idea in here if it hasnt been already. if it has my sincere apologies :slant:

09-13-2005, 11:09 AM
Not bad.

But that prestige should have a price tag. I'd suggest implementing a "Paris Hilton" feature, which would be where those with a lot of wealth are obliged to choose a cultural model for their society, either falling into mindless hedonism or, alternatively, engaging in peace corps-like activities, dedicated to the welfare of others.

Consider, for example, my oft-suggested notion that Mickey implicate real-world data by, for example, making use of the USGS earthquake feed to visit damage upon population centers. Did I say "oft-suggested?" But I digress . . .