View Full Version : Alliance at the end of the age

09-23-2005, 03:23 AM
You know who you are.

Join us and the world shall hear of it. Strong men shall quake in fear at the thunder of our passage. The knees of the wise shall knock in terror, and the arrogant shall be brought low. Those who mouth bold words shall understand what it means to live in the shadow of those who act on still bolder words.

We shall show mercy to whom we show mercy, and utter destruction shall be visited on those who DANG, stupid cat! Geez. Apple juice all over . . . where's that dang towel, now . . .

09-23-2005, 09:54 AM
Must... join... alliance....




Roger Andrew
09-23-2005, 12:43 PM
Must bring honour, fervour and humour!

(For you Americans just drop the U's, to translate)

Sir Rogue Mille de Champ

09-23-2005, 09:58 PM
Come join and all your Sins shall be absolved.

His Lord Uberdude
09-23-2005, 11:31 PM
Come join and all your Sins shall be absolved.
Tempting, but I can only wonder who I'm making a deal with. :whoa:

09-24-2005, 02:01 AM
hey everyone that alliance ain't no good (like my language lol) come join the hardcore alliance. we are umm... well, see we...well I have Halifax,NS!I know OMFG! But seriously come join and we can make a strong alliance and not only "mouth bold words" but kick anyone's *** who messes with us! :cool:

09-24-2005, 02:04 AM
ahum...you might wanna refrase....and now go get some unoccupied cities darn it :P
What do you think this game was made for ;)

09-24-2005, 02:07 AM
eeeyyaaa your right I gotta stop wastin' time in the forum

09-24-2005, 02:50 AM
That's right you little pirate. Go get some :cool: :menacing:

Darn it...we didn't de-occupy those cities for nothing now did we here ;)

09-24-2005, 06:42 AM
Come on big "L" you know that when I am finished chaseing WP around the globe tring to pen him between a rock (Stanley) and a hard spot (New Alliance) I will want the cities I occupied back...it's good revenue for the alliance.

09-24-2005, 07:57 PM
You'll get your cities back.
Promised :cool:

09-25-2005, 06:14 AM
I know

10-09-2005, 05:30 PM
I would like to join this alliance, if there is room available for me.