View Full Version : Target Problem?

09-28-2005, 05:28 PM
Hi there

I have a problem with the Cotton Field Tool. Normally I could search for a free place and then place a placemark to see where I'm actually pointing too. Since I updated to 3.0.0616 Beta I can't do this anymore. If I move to the edge untill the placemark is out of the field, it still says that I'm in the cotton field. So I figured out that the actuall target of the Cotton Field Tool has ruffly moved 1cm to the right and 3cm to the bottom (depends on resolution of course). I think the problem (if it is one) appears on the other two tools as well, but I can't test it cause of the time limit...

How should I now be able to actually find a free spot, if there is no way to figure out where it will be set?

I hope you understood what I mean.