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King Ramkhamhaeng the Great, the third king of the Sukhothai period, is renowned for his invention of the Thai alphabet. He was called Poh Khun, meaning “Father lord”, for his benevolence, leniency, and thoughtfulness toward his people. When people ran into any difficulty or conflict which they could not solve among themselves, they could ring the bell which was hanged in front of the King's palace, the King would then personally hear the cases and judge the case himself. <br />
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Before the establishment of Ramkhamhaeng University in 1971,Thailand has long suffered what might be called “a crisis in the quest for higher education“ because the number of high school graduates seeking seats to the universities outnumbered the admission capacity of all universities combined. The problem finally prompted the parliament to pass a law authorizing the establishment of Ramkhamhaeng University (named after King Ramkhamhaeng the great, who invented the Thai alphabet ), or RU as it is commonly known .....the country's first open-admission university.<br />
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The university was granted permission to use a 300 rai (125 acre) plot of land in the eastern suburb of Bangkok which once housed the International Trade Fair as its main campus. <br />
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With the growing number of students, Ramkhamhaeng now has expanded to Bang-Na campus, at Pha Khanong district, Bangkok , about 25 kilometers away from the main campus. Freshmen classes are held at extension campus while classes for upper level students remain at Hua-Mark.<br />
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