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10-31-2005, 12:30 PM
can a record a tour with g.e. and export in *.avi or *.mpg for instance ??

10-31-2005, 01:03 PM
Not (legally) without GE Pro and the extra "Movie Maker Module" (See Product Page) (http://earth.google.com/earth_pro.html)

However, to make a tour you can play in GE, and show to other people with GE;

Simply make a new folder and name it "tour", go to the first location, set a placemark (place it in your "tour" folder), get the elevation and rotation at an angle you would like them to see, right-click on the placemark you have set and select "snapshot view", repeat that for all of the locations you would like to tour.. then select the folder, and press the Play ( |> ) button in the bottom-right-corner of your My Places panel, it will play through all the locations in that folder :) Feel free to upload your tours here, we would love to see them..

You can see some great examples of this at a friend of mines site, GoogleTouring.com (http://www.googletouring.com)



05-26-2006, 11:05 PM
Here's a question...

When I make these tours as described above, the "camera" swings and swoops around, sometimes like a big 10 mile diameter loop from one placemark to the next. It also likes to backup and get a running start before zooming forward.

Seems that the farther two marks are away from each other or the greater the difference in rotational views, the greater the swooping or anticipation (backing up before going forward).

HOW DO I STOP THIS from happening? I just want to move in a straight line from one mark to the next and in some cases, not even slowing down and pausing at each one. Is there a hack one can make in the KML? The sliders in the Control tab of Tool Options provide very limited modification of the speed of the tour and pause time, but nothing to remove the spline/curve interprolations causing the swoops, swings, and backups.