View Full Version : Admins: KMZ update disappointment

11-04-2005, 09:20 PM
Hi admins,

I recently have updated one of my files. I did this by posting the new file the normal way as I was told that the file would then be updated with the new one.

To my disspointment, the old file has been deleted from the database and the new one got approved.

This has deleted voting history, download counter and the direct link to the forum. I personaly get feedback from votes and download counter to see how my file is being accepted and having a new discussion thread opened is only a waste of ressources and misleading for those wanting to comment.

I strongly recommend to find a way to have authors update their files by themselves. At least replace just the file instead of deleting the old one. Might be more work for admins (a guess!) but would keep file history more sane regarding download count, voting and comments.

Thanks for listening and considering working on that topic