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11-06-2005, 07:58 AM

my file has been denied and I want to contact the person wo wrote the reason for the deny.

I have compiled a file with all the airports, airfields, private fiels and ultralight airfields in most coutries of western Europe. I also provide in the comments access to meteorological data (METAR and TAF). This data is only available on the airfields where a met office sends the data. So Major airfields provide met data, and minor ones don't provide any data.

The person who denied the file probably doesn't know about that because he says :

File Date Downloads Status
Airports in Europe November 4th, 2005 3 Denied
Denial Reason: I really acknowledge the work you've done, but I have to deny this, because the METAR and TAF links don't work. I took 5 airfields by random (e.g. EDRK) and this links didn't work. Please fix it and resubmit it

I can not fix this because it a much too long work to determine if an airport is equipped with met station or not. But this file is meant for pilots as primary destination, and these people are aware of that.

So please tell him that i can resubmit this file, and I can add the remark that some METAR and TAF links don't work for this particular reason but I can't do what he says. The file is already available on other places.


ps1 : the file's name is Airports_in_Europe_c_data_NAV2000.com.kmz
ps2 : if you want to test, just try EDDF, EDDH, LFPG, LFML etc etc etc etc all big airports

Captain Hornblower
11-06-2005, 08:44 AM
It was me who denied that submission.

As I am not a pilot of course I don't know that detail. I just checked if the files worked and therefore I chose the closest airport to my city, and METAR and TAF didn't work. Then on another airfield (randomly) and checked it again: doesn't work. I did this a few time and no one worked. Therefore I denied it heavyheartedly.

I accept the compromise, that you add the explanation you wrote here in the submission and submit it again.