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11-10-2005, 11:38 AM
To the Person who delete my 2 Royal files(Oslo,Norway...etc)

I have no proplems if the file is 2times there - so you must delete it,but i think it is not fair that you telling me....."i told you many times that you have to search before...."that is not nice! If i want to put a new file like a Royal Palace i have to search in WHAT???

So i search in Famous Homes -----2 times Royal PalaceMonaco
So i search in Goverment -----2 Spanish Royal Palaces
So i found it in Other Famuos Buildings ----Royal Palace Oslo,Windsor Castle..etc

I also found in Other Famous Buildings 2 Hard Rock Cafe`s BKK+NJ ---I think there a not in the category for a Famous Building .
In the hotel section you have a hotel with the name ATLANTIS and another hotel named ATLANTIC---both are the same but the name is KEMPINSKI ATLANTIC HOTEL
So what i mean is something is confusing and not so perfect and not so easy ,so that you can telling me i have to search before,i am also not perfect,.............but you can not believe how many files i already saw .I already had the luck travelling around the world for 11 month`s That`s why i love google earth.
So, don`t be so hard with your comments,---sorry about that my english is not so Perfect, all the best...4bier

11-10-2005, 11:52 AM
Sometimes mistakes get by us, but we try to deny as many duplicate placemarks as possible.. it is especially hard when things are named incorrectly (like the atlantic hotel you mentioned)

I will get to deleting & fixing the errors you have mentioned. :)

When you search, dont necessarily pick a catagory.. search all catagories, heck! you can even use the search box on the home page... we deny maybe 20 duplicate files a day and it gets very tiring.

Anyway, hope this sorted your problem.. you can continue submitting files now :spin: :lol: and your english is fine! much better than some people who speak english natively, infact! :D

Take care!


11-10-2005, 01:22 PM
Thank you ,i am very happy!----by the way-is my mistake-there are 2 approved files posted by me on the 7th of November and they where already postet and approved by other members earlier. Can you delete my files, please!
No1: Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore

No2: Hard Rock Cafe Chicago

Thank you!

11-10-2005, 01:26 PM
Anytime :) Glad we could get through these problems together!

I'll take care of those two files for you, too! and as a little bonus I'l attach the Hard Rock in Sydney, you can submit it to the file archive if you like and add it to your collection :)

Thanks for bringing all those errors to my attention, I took care of them all ;)

Have a great evening!

EDIT: I deleted your Maryland HRC, but your Chicago one had better information than the original post, so I deleted the other instead :D


11-10-2005, 03:12 PM
Soory,but i found another mistake....

My file -Hard Rock Cafe Universal Stds Los Angeles -postet on the 7th Nov is already there named HRC Hollywood,please delete my file!

same with

- Hard Rock Cafe Universal Stds Orlando- postet by me on the 7th Nov is already there as HRC Orlando---and my file position is wrong too, please delete my file!

Just for your INFO :If i am on the main starting page (HOME) and i go on the upper right site into
search our file archive

and i write -hard rock cafe- into it, not all postet and approved files from my files are in there
missing: MunichHRC (10th Nov)
Atlantic CityHRC (7th Nov)
New OrleansHRC (7th Nov)
and San AntonioHRC (7th Nov)

wish you a very nice day, 4bier

Captain Hornblower
11-10-2005, 03:32 PM
If i want to put a new file like a Royal Palace i have to search in WHAT???
I as one of the mods use this "tools" to find out if a submission already exists: