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11-27-2005, 06:46 PM
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The Ibirapuera park at São Paulo, Brazil has an area of 17,222 million of square feet and in its interior we can find many important public buildings, several museums, the planetarium, Japanese Pavilion, with its typical gardens and lakes. In the free area, there are running tracks, courts, bike tracks and a big plant nursery. In the park one can find the Bienal Building, the Planetarium , the gymnasium, Creche Museum, Aeronautic and Folklore Museums, the Obelisk (72 meters) to the heroes of 32 and the Bandeiras monument (explorer's monument). It is considered one of the most important green areas of the city, Ibirapuera Park was inaugurated with the celebrations for the IV Centenarium of the city in 1954. <br />
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by Walter Ribeiro - Campinas, Brazil<br />
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