View Full Version : Nude Beaches?

12-01-2005, 10:58 PM
has anyone come across any nude beaches with high resolution? i'm not a perv, well, ok, i might be, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT!......

where was I before i was distracted by temptations of the flesh....... :spin:

oh yeah, NUDIES!!!!!

i figure it's just a matter of time until someone in a high res area is sunbathing nude in their backyard and "click-click" (that's actually how satelites sound, i'm SURE of it cuz i saw it on Spies Like Us (http://imdb.com/title/tt0090056/) .

i found the local nudist colony or whatever the politically correct name is but the resolution was poor.


12-01-2005, 11:09 PM
lol, hmm try france, or italy, they have some nude beaches :)

12-01-2005, 11:41 PM
Resolution isnt good enough to see anything. Tough $hit.