View Full Version : Banned Players

Roger Andrew
12-06-2005, 02:05 PM
I know you have the right to ban players, but I was wondering if there can be a formalised way to identify to the members of the alliance to whom the banned player belongs, to have a message of explanation on their alliance page. It would also help if there was some location that members could see a short explanation of bannings so that, just in case of false accusations or manipulations by third parties... spurious information can be separated from real data.
Obviously this has been initiated over the banning of one of our members, who knowingly entered the data base and then (I was led to believe) reported the event to your management. After internal discussion within the alliance, on the ethics of the situation, conducted a (what we thought to be) the moral act of defeating another's rise, by (the same) reported data manipulation.
Was it reported, what is the effect on the alliance (as he is still listed) and is the ban permenant?
I guess I'm (as a former "chief judge" of a sports organisation) looking for the checks and balances for infractions and penalties.