View Full Version : Here's your prophet!

12-14-2005, 07:18 PM
* Timmetie * Pulls off Waywardtraveler's human face mask revealing a reptile like organism.

Here me, followers of the Anti-nar cult, here me, and know your prophet!

Quote from: Waywardtraveller




.... if you are going to attack anyone, attack NAR.
We are ALL in this together. The UN is part of the Anti NAR Pact, as are almost ALL other alliances, and dozens of individuals.

Continue to attack non-nar properties and you will be pegged as a traitor after the reset.

Extortion, lying, misinformation and general stupidity! Is nothing too much for this man?

See the light, children of Google Earth, don't be misguided by this Smudge on the Satelite photo named WayWard traveler.

Hallowed are the Free people of the World! Search the opening in the clouds, the clear sky, the clearing! We'll be waiting there!